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  • Ohio in World War One

    May 21

    With the 100th anniversary in 2018 of the end of World War One, you will want to examine how your ancestors were involved – either as a soldier, Red Cross aide or on the home front in hometowns. For anyone with ties to Ohio, The World War I in Ohio Digital Collection is available online. "One banner displayed in Ohio read "Everyone who creates...


  • Colonial Indentured Servants

    May 19

    It may not have occurred to you, but a couple of your very early ancestors may have actually come to America as 'indentured servants'. But does that mean? Individuals came to America under a work contract, called an indenture because they could not afford the ship passage. They agreed to work for the family, individual or company that paid that p...


  • States of New York and New Jersey Voter Rolls

    May 13

    If you presently or have any ancestors who lived any length of time in the states of New York or New Jersey, you are in luck. The website operated by Stephen Morse has added the voter rolls for residents of NY and NJ. What a treasure, because there is a good deal of information in these listings. Besides the full name, a home address, the person'...


  • Special Mother’s Day Idea

    May 11

    Here is a unique idea if you have several photos of female ancestors who were mothers. Create a collage of photos any and all family females (grandmothers, siblings, aunts, cousins), including present-day who were / are mothers. You gather the available photos (ask other family members also), even if other individuals are in the picture (the female...


  • How Did They Meet??

    May 3

    Think about it !  Do you know how your parents met? Were they introduced by mutual friends, did they accidentally run into each other, classmates, were they co-workers – there are a million different stories of how a couple first met. This becomes you chore now, to learn how your parents met. If both or one is alive, no problem, just asked and ...


  • Photo Collections at Brigham Young University

    Apr 29

    In BYU photo collection which has been made digital are nine major collections by different photographers and collectors. Images from World War II, to 19th century American West landscape photos to 293 photographs of California, especially of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake images are just three examples. Once you select a collection you can bro...


  • Google Photos

    Apr 23

    The Google search engine is not just for text and websites but a section is titled Google Images. Researchers can search for images of all kinds on Google Images. Some of the types of interesting images can be a photograph of old buildings related to the family history, old maps showing the location of the family farm, pictures of present-day rela...


  • Make your Ancestor’s Birth Info Interesting

    Apr 21

    As you gather information, here is how to make the written info on an ancestor's birth more interesting. Basic information: Nan M. Everhart was born Aug. 9, 1915 in Frederick, Maryland to Dr. David G. Everhart and Eva Bixler Everhart. Yes, all the basic data is there but it is dull. Here is an example of how to add to the birth info. On a Mond...


  • Ordinary Mistakes to Avoid

    Apr 17

    There is so much to be careful of when doing the research and then compiling your findings on your ancestral tree. Here are a a few examples of ordinary errors to avoid. At first, you might think you have found a surname spelling mistake. Instead, it is more likely Alternate Spellings for given and surnames. Over a generation or moving to another ...


  • How Did the Wrong Family Info Get There?

    Apr 13

    You may think you have everything correct as far as names, places, and dates for all the individuals on your family tree, including the extended families … but there could be some wrong information there or every individual who does not belong to your family tree. So how does that happen? First, did you inherited a family tree or information fro...