• Time Capsule

    May 31

    Many groups, schools, families, cities, and organizations have created a 'time capsule' to be put away or placed in a building's cornerstone, not to be opened for 50, 75 or 100 years. What treasure to see first-hand what one generation thought was important for the future generations to see and examine. To find such a capsule years from now ...


  • Planning the Family History Thanksgiving

    Nov 13

    Of course, there is plenty to get down the days and weeks leading to Thanksgiving Day. However, dividing up the necessary chores can help a great deal. Yet, one very important activity that really needs to be prepared and done when the whole family is together for Thanksgiving, is to gather some of the family memories. Just like ...


  • Birth Spacing

    Jul 7

    As you are filling in the family tree including any extended families (aunts-uncles), you do want to include all the children born to each couple, not just your own direct lineage. However, that can be difficult, with a couple having many children, babies dying young or other children not living to adulthood. So use the basic principal of...


  • Digital Collections

    Jan 3

    America’s vast libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions have contributed to the Digital Public Library of America. All of the materials (over 30 million) found through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)—photographs, books, maps, news footage, oral histories, personal letters, museum objects, artwork, gove...


  • New Years Traditions

    Dec 31

    Your grandparents and their parents knew how to celebrate the coming in of a new year. Here is a look at some of those forgotten traditions. New Years Tree See not just a Christmas tree but putting up a different tree and decorating it for the new year. This dates back to the 1600s. Placing on the tree in the house or place of work was very com...


  • One Photo Story

    Dec 9

    Be ready for the Christmas season with relatives by locating one or two special vintage photos of a family member who would be present with the rest of the family during the holiday. It might be your Mom, a great uncle, a cousin, or an older brother. Find a special older photo of that person, more of a casual and candid shot, doing anything. In fa...


  • Spark Your Family’s Interest

    Dec 3

    Generally, it is one or two members of a generation who are interested in doing the research and documentation of your ancestors. Yet the fun aspect is sharing your findings. Most of your relatives might not be interested in your research process, successes and failures. Instead, letting them know the great stories of your ancestors will capture t...


  • Re-enacting Family Photos

    Nov 19

    What an opportunity and such a fun thing to do. Look back over the photos that were taken with you and your siblings — or with cousins or friends — really brings all of those memories back. It kind of makes you want to return to that very moment in time, doesn’t it? SO why not recreate that moment? True you are the same ages when the photo w...


  • Saving Today’s Digital Photos

    Nov 3

    You might have hundreds of digital photos (includes videos and documents) on your smartphone, tablet or a digital camera but are you preserving them for the years ahead? To help solve that problem, Google has created Google Photos management. Start with creating or use an existing Google Account (you may need to download an app for the tablet andr...


  • Younger Generation Involved in Family Tree

    Oct 19

    It is thought that many people do not get involved or develop an interest in their family tree until they are in the 40s or older. Yet, here are a few suggestions to encourage or spark the interest of someone younger than 40 in their family history. Family Photos Scanned – the younger generation knows everything about computers and new technolog...