• Saving Today’s Digital Photos

    Nov 3

    You might have hundreds of digital photos (includes videos and documents) on your smartphone, tablet or a digital camera but are you preserving them for the years ahead? To help solve that problem, Google has created Google Photos management. Start with creating or use an existing Google Account (you may need to download an app for the tablet andr...


  • Younger Generation Involved in Family Tree

    Oct 19

    It is thought that many people do not get involved or develop an interest in their family tree until they are in the 40s or older. Yet, here are a few suggestions to encourage or spark the interest of someone younger than 40 in their family history. Family Photos Scanned – the younger generation knows everything about computers and new technolog...


  • What to Do If You Uncover a Deep Family Secret

    Oct 5

    As you go in depth on your family tree, there will be all types of names and things that your ancestor had and did. Some of their accomplishments can make your heart 'glad' at what they did, but you just might also find some deep dark individual or family secret, something concealed from most family members. If that happens, check your information...


  • Doing a Timeline

    Sep 3

    Family History is not just names and dates but the stories that go with those individuals. A straight basic timeline can provide the dates and names but there also several other types of timelines. There is the individual ancestor timeline – where you plot out the history on just ONE ancestor – select the one you do have a good deal of info s...


  • Digital Library of Georgia

    Jun 23

    Several states have done a fabulous job making many of their collections (photos, letters, documents, etc.) in a digital format. One outstanding example is the Digital Library of Georgia. Gathering collections from libraries, museum, donations, etc their digital collections represent resources on Georgia history, culture, and life. However, there ...


  • How Did They Meet??

    May 3

    Think about it !  Do you know how your parents met? Were they introduced by mutual friends, did they accidentally run into each other, classmates, were they co-workers – there are a million different stories of how a couple first met. This becomes you chore now, to learn how your parents met. If both or one is alive, no problem, just asked and ...


  • County Histories

    Apr 19

    An often overlook resource are the county history books and pamphlets done in the late 19th century and early 20th century. There was a big push for counties to record their history and include the local residents who helped establish the county. The former Confederate states of the south were the only ones to have the fewest county's devote their ...


  • The Rabbit Test

    Jan 11

    If you talked with your mother or grandmother, the subject of how and when she realized she was pregnant may have been discussed. The phrase 'rabbit test' or 'the rabbit died' may have been used. This is what was used during most of the 20th century. In 1927, Bernhard Aschheim and Selmar Zondek developed the rabbit test, also known as the 'A-Z tes...


  • Images of America

    Sep 5

    Knowing more about your specific family and its heritage also means learning more about the family hometown. Using postcards, local libraries, museums can prove to be excellent resources in discovering about the place your ancestors call home. There is also a long-standing published series of books by Arcadia Publishing which might just have that ...


  • Passports of Family Information

    Aug 15

    If you have not attempted searching for an ancestor using the U.S. Passport Applications, you have missed an opportunity. No guarantee any of your ancestors ever filled out and submitted a passport application, but you never know until you check. Even if you think an ancestor never left the country, they still might have completed a passport applic...