• Who Was Left-Handed in the Family?

    Aug 13

    It was once thought of as a disgrace to be left-handed. Your parents would have forced you instead to do everything with the right hand. Things have changed. Those left-handed are also known as 'southpaws', about 10% of the population. Instead, everything is for those who are right-handed, it can be hard for the others. Look at scissors, made for ...


  • Middle Child Day – Aug. 12th

    Aug 11

    So how many of you are a 'middle child' in the family? How about your mother or father, were they a middle child. There is scientific research on one's birth order having an effect on that person. August 12th has been recognized as a special day of the year for the middle child. Middle children are often overlooked in a family. They are not the fi...


  • Old Reel-to-Reel or VCR Tapes

    Jun 19

    There could be a collection of family 16 mm or 8 mm or Super 8 reel films or VCR tapes that were made years ago that everyone has forgotten about. Well, this is your reminder -- SAVE them NOW. Generally, the vintage 8 mm and 16 mm films on reels that your grandparents made in the 1940s and 1950s may have held up against the march of time, but only ...


  • Using Facebook

    May 5

    Social Media is everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, and emails are a major part of everyone's life today. Use that method of communication to help you in your own family research. Where else can you network with groups of people from around the world and talk about family history, whenever you want? There are many, many, groups and pages on Facebook. ...


  • All Fool’s Day

    Mar 31

    A day to play hoaxes and practical jokes on friends, family, co-workers or even strangers, all in the name of 'FUN'. It is not a national holiday but has been a recognized day since the 19th century. Some form of it has existed in numerous countries for centuries. Not just individuals but even newspapers and radio / television stations had pulled h...


  • Old Postcards – Wealth of Info

    Mar 17

    The use of postcards carrying an illustration or photo on one side and then a place to write a brief message on the other side has been very popular for nearly 150 years. Ever corner of the earth has had postcards produced to showcase a town, street, business, shop, groups, attraction, an individual’s home and even individuals themselves. What a ...


  • Cue the Story

    Nov 21

    Sometimes it is hard to know where to start getting a relative to recall their life adventures. It doesn't have to be climbing a mountain or running for political office, it can be everyday activities -- especially those long forgotten. Here are a few cues to spark a recollection. These cues will work for you also, be sure to include any of your re...


  • National Family Week

    Nov 8

    National Family Week in the United States takes place the week of American Thanksgiving. It was first officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan on November 19, 1987. It is also a recognized celebration in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Having this National Family Week is fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday. It did have its real...


  • Personal Family Coloring Books

    Oct 23

    Looking to do something different with your genealogy and also involve other family members, well, here is a new idea --- taking family photos of homes, people, events, etc and convert them to a drawing that can be colored in (just like the classic coloring book). The site, 'ReallyColor' can help you do that idea. An image you sent via email to th...


  • Easy to Miss Info on Certain Censuses

    Sep 21

    A few of the different US Federal Censuses that started back in 1790 do have a few very interesting questions that could provide previously unknown information on your ancestors. Looking closely at the US Federal 1820 census at column # 12 it states 'Foreigners Not Naturalized'. So this would give you a clue if someone in that household (again jus...