• A Historical Look at Dinner Time

    Mar 18

    How does your family eat dinner? Does everyone gather at the kitchen or dining room table and turn off their smartphones? Do you all grab a plate and sit in front of the TV? The way that families have eaten dinner has changed over time. NPR points out previous to the late 18th century, families did not eat dinner together. The reason has a lot t...


  • Histography Puts Historic Events on a Timeline

    Jan 6

    Genealogists often focus on locating the vital records of their ancestors. Much effort is spent on trying to sort out where to put each ancestor on the family tree. These are both worthwhile activities. However, it leaves out a big piece of what your ancestor's life may have been like. Histography can help you fill in that part of the story. His...


  • New Year’s Day Foods for Luck

    Dec 31

    People around the globe plan for the coming year, eager to get off to the best possible start! Many people will "eat for luck", those special foods that, by tradition, are supposed to bring them good luck. Throughout history, people have eaten certain foods on New Year's Day, hoping to gain riches, love, or other kinds of good fortune during the ...


  • Holiday Interviewing of Relatives

    Dec 27

    Don't miss the opportunity during the holidays to pull aside one or two relatives at a time to begin asking questions about them or ancestors on the family tree. You might only meet with your aunt once or twice a year, use the time when you are together. Some ideas to help with your interviewing: Have a prepared list of questions. Be very spec...


  • Christmas Day Dinner – Traditional

    Dec 25

    Here are some of the Christmas Day meals prepared at different times in America. This might be that type of special holiday meals you grandparents enjoyed. 1900 Christmas Dinner might have: Clam or Oyster Soup, Celery, Baked Fish, Hollandaise Sauce, Roast Turkey, Oyster Dressing, Celery or Oyster Sauce, Roast Duck, Onion Sauce, Baked Potatoes, S...


  • Resources for Canadian Genealogists

    Dec 15

    Are you searching for information about your Canadian ancestors? Where you begin looking could depend on where you live. Genealogists who are Canadian might have access to resources that Americans would have difficulty accessing. Veterans Affairs Canada The Veterans Affairs Canada website has some resources that could be useful to genealogists....


  • Hotel and Restaurant Menus of the 19th Century

    Dec 11

    The University of Houston has made available in digital format and placed online their collection of hotel, restaurant and steamship menus from across the country dating from the mid-1800s. What an opportunity to view the type of foods prepared and served to any of our ancestors who had the opportunity to eat at a restaurant or while traveling on...


  • Using Linkpendium – Searching Surnames

    Dec 7

    You are not unique with your surname -- family name, there are thousands across the globe with your same surname, no matter how strange or unusual it may be. Many of those same people are also researching their family. You might be related and share the same great great grandparents. If they have done up a web site with details or any other databas...


  • Rootsweb WorldConnect

    Dec 1

    A long-time secondary resource is Rootsweb which is free and online. The database to check is the WorldConnect Project. Here people from around the globe have submitted in GEDCOM format their family trees. There are some 6.26 million surnames and over 787.3 million individual names. Using the search box, add the needed details; names, locations...


  • Sayings for Family History Researchers

    Nov 29

    It is fun to read some unusual or funny sayings as they relate to people who do family history research. Strange ... But So True ! Here are a few and see if they touch a nerve and might be spot on. Time and genealogy wait for no man! The best ancestors want to be found! Genealogists are forebear hunters! Genealogy is like a magic mirror. Look ...