• FamilySearch: Host And Sponsor of RootsTech 2024

    Feb 24

    For the past 13 years, FamilySearch has been both the host of the RootsTech conference and one of it’s platinum sponsors. As the world’s largest genealogy conference — which now include a free online experience — RootsTech is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in discovering more about their family’s history and preserving...


  • Edwardsville’s MCHS Archive Library Becomes FamilySearch Affiliate

    Oct 13

    Local genealogists now have additional resources available for building a family tree, according to a press release from the Madison County Historical Society. The MCHS Archival Library, 801 N. Main St. in Edwardsville, is now a FamilySearch Affiliate Library, which means it has access to more online genealogy resources to help researchers ...


  • New Resources For FamilySearch Center Volunteers And Workers

    Sep 19

    FamilySearch’s goal is to make genealogical resources more accessible, engaging, and easy to use. As FamilySearch centers  provide resources to patrons all over the world, volunteers and staff members at these centers need some fundamental resources to maintain each center and help patrons have great experiences when visiting. FamilyS...


  • FamilySearch Wrote About Canadian Immigration

    Jun 9

    Immigration has been a part of world history since it all began. Reasons for immigration are many and oftentimes complex. War, disparity, land opportunities, educational opportunities, and hope for a better life might be a few of the most common reasons. When genealogists think of immigration and immigrants, they might focus on their immigrant...


  • FamilySearch’s Top 30 Country Record Collection Expansions in 2022

    Apr 6

    Hundreds of millions of new searchable genealogy records from 30+ countries. Just in case you missed it, FamilySearch finished 2022 with an amazing number of new, free, fully-searchable genealogy records online. Over 420 million indexed records were added to 30 free online country collections, and millions more were added to over 100 more new ...


  • Find New Cousins With Relatives At RootsTech App

    Feb 28

    FamilySearch announced a free online experience that helps you connect with relatives worldwide. It is called “Relatives at RootsTech”. Every wondered if you have cousins you didn’t know about? Now, thanks to Relatives at RootsTech 2023 discovery experience by FamilySearch, you can find and connect with your living relatives worldwid...


  • New Update To Your FamilySearch Home Page

    Feb 16

    Recently, you may have notices some updates to your FamilySearch home page - the default page you see after you log into The new look includes several tools to make it easier for you to discover and connect with family, both past and present. These include a way to share living memories more privately, and an all-in-one s...


  • FamilySearch Library And Centers Change Names

    Jan 26

    FamilySearch announced new names for its flagship Family History Library located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and all family history centers worldwide. The library will now be known as the FamilySearch Library, and all family history centers will now be FamilySearch centers. The name changes better align with local centers with FamilySearch’s ex...


  • What To Expect From FamilySearch in 2023

    Jan 19

    FamilySearch is excited to provide its annual glimpse into plans for the coming year to help individuals worldwide make fun personal and family discoveries. In 2023, FamilySearch patrons can expect free access to more of the world’s genealogical records, new search capabilities, more free help, and more localized discovery. RootsTech 2023...


  • FamilyTreeDNA Will Be Platinum Sponsor At RootsTech 2023

    Dec 15

    NOTE: FamilyTreeDNA is not connected to FamilySearch announced that at RootsTech, we bring you the leading experts in the field to introduce you to the latest innovations in family history. We are excited to present one of RootsTech Platinum Sponsors: FamilyTreeDNA.  Discover your unique DNA story with FamilyTreeDNA’s ...