• How to Find Online Genealogy Websites

    Jan 12

    Those that are brand new to genealogy may find themselves struggling to get started. One easy way to find online genealogy websites is to start with the most popular ones. Check them out and discover which one seems right for you. This blog has some basic information about,, and There are some ext...


  • Inmates Help With Indexing

    May 16

    Many genealogists are aware of what indexing is. For some, it is because they have read about it on the FamilySearch website. Indexing is done on a volunteer basis, and it isn't unusual for amateur genealogists to consider helping out with that task. An article published by the Salt Lake Tribune points out that some inmates have been given the o...


  • Finding Documents to Photos on FamilySearch

    May 15

    Using the FamilySearch online database, which is always updated, just might yield some family information (letters, documents, family stories, obituaries) and photos previously unknown to you. Using their 'Find Photos and Stories' you can place a surname and it will search the vast database of submitted scanned documents, stories and photographs. ...


  • WorldCat Adds FamilySearch Catalog

    Jan 24

    Have you tried using WorldCat yet? It is a resource for genealogists that has recently been mentioned on the blog of the National Genealogical Society (NGS). It is safe to say that anything the NGS is excited about is a great resource! WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog. Sign in, and you are able to to use the search engine to ...


  • Check out these Free Genealogy Resources!

    Dec 19

    Check out these Free Genealogy Resources! There are several free genealogy resources that you can take advantage of. Each has its own focus. You might be able to find what you are searching for without having to spend money. Here are a few free genealogy resources that you should check out. Library Edition You probably already k...


  • Add and Share Family Photos and Stories

    Oct 10 enhanced their site this year so individuals could submit their family photos. Within five months there were one million photos available for viewing along with family stories. All of the images and stories can be shared and stored for decades to come. To get started create a free account with your names and basic informati...


  • Have You Checked Your IGI Lately?

    Sep 28

    It is always important to revisit certain databases as you progress in your family research. For several reasons, first of all, you are more experienced and possibly better at looking for the right key names or places. Second, most databases are continually being added to over the years. So if you have not searched on a certain family branch or in...


  • A Blend of Facebook & FamilySearch Sites

    May 5

    Social networking using a computer, tablet, iphone, etc. is the fastest method to connect with people from around the globe.  If you want to link up with people in an ancestral home country, the FamilySearch has made it very easy for you to do so. When doing family history research, you look for surnames, but you also check in depth where a relat...


  • Go Back and Use IGI and Pedigree Resources

    Apr 17

    Two sources many times overlooked by researchers are the IGI (International Genealogical Index) and the Pedigree Resource File (PRF).  Both of these are and have been for decades available free through  They can also be accessed at any of the Family History Centers across the country or overseas. So using either one is simple...


  • FamilySearch & YouTube

    Dec 18

    With the newer technology it has become so simple and convenience to view on your home computer or on a mobile device short videos.  The FamilySearch site (connected with the Family History Centers --- Latter-Day Saints Church of Salt Lake City) have now begun producing some interesting instructional short videos which are viewed through the YouTu...