• FamilySearch to Allow Same-Sex Relationships on Family Trees

    Jun 25

    Your family might include people who are LGBT. Genealogists will quickly discover that family trees are not set up to accommodate same-sex couples or same-sex parents. FamilySearch has been working on changing their systems in order to include records and data on people in same-sex relationships and also to make it possible to include same-sex pare...


  • FamilySearch has Collections of Catholic Records

    Mar 23

    In March of 2018, FamilySearch added records to existing collections of Catholic church records. The information in those records could be useful for genealogists who have Catholic ancestors. Check the FamilySearch News Release to find the most recently updated or added record collections. Columbia, Catholic Church Records, 1576-2014 This colle...


  • FamilySearch Put Together a Review of RootsTech 2018

    Mar 17

    How big was RootsTech 2018? If you attended, it might seem like the crowds were huge. Those who were unable to attend might have a different perspective. FamilySearch put together an informative review of RootsTech 2018.The results might influence your decision making about whether or not to attend next year's RootsTech. RootsTech 2018 by the N...


  • Free Genealogy Resources for Frugal Genealogists

    Mar 8

    You really want to learn more about your ancestors, and fill in your family tree. Unfortunately, you are on a tight budget, and don't have extra money to spend on this project. The good news is that there are plenty of genealogy resources that you can access for free. Ancestry Library Edition offers a free trial. When that tria...


  • FamilySearch Classes Presented at RootsTech 2018 Now Online

    Mar 5

    RootsTech 2018 has come and gone, but the knowledge shared there remains. FamilySearch has made eight RootsTech 2018 classes available to view on the FamilySearch website. There are a total of eight FamilySearch classes that were presented at RootsTech 2018 and that are now available to view online. The classes are downloadable. They are: Fa...


  • FamilySearch Added New Records from Mexico

    Feb 11

    FamilySearch has made it easier for you to find your Mexican ancestors. FamilySearch has partnered with to enable FamilySearch to add 65 million new records with more than 200 million searchable names. These records are available to the general public through FamilySearch centers and affiliate libraries worldwide. The records are also ...


  • FamilySearch Opens New FamilySearch Center in Lehi Utah

    Jan 19

    FamilySearch announced that it has opened new FamilySearch Center in Lehi, Utah. It is recommended that visitors create a FamilySearch account before they arrive, in order to get the most out of their experience. The Lehi Utah FamilySearch Center is located at 3201 Garden Drive, in Lehi, Utah. It is equipped with an exciting Discovery Center...


  • FamilySearch Posted Year in Review Highlights

    Jan 15

    FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. FamilySearch is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. FamilySearch posted a year in review that highlights of their work in 2017. Here are some facts from the highlights: There are 1.2 billion peop...


  • FamilySearch Introduced FamilySearch Places

    Jan 2

    FamilySearch has introduced a new tool called FamilySearch Places. It is designed to make learning about places easier. The development of the FamilySearch Places tool is ongoing. Some useful features are already available. FamilySearch Places is not an app. Instead, it is part of the FamilySearch website. Visit FamilySearch Places and you ...


  • Maine’s B-M-D Records 1670-1921

    Dec 29

    Vital records are an very important part to any family research. If you has any ancestors living and near Maine, even when it was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony beginning beginning in 1652. It was fought over by the French, English and allied natives during the 17th and early 18th centuries, who conducted raids against each other. The state o...