• Tips for Researching Your African-American Ancestors

    Feb 8

    FamilySearch is one of the most popular genealogy websites. FamilySearch has put together a blog post of helpful tips for tracing your African-American Ancestors. One of these tips could help you break through the “brick wall” in your research. FamilySearch points out that if you are tracing African-American ancestors in records after 1870...


  • Things to Look Forward to at FamilySearch in 2017

    Jan 22

    FamilySearch frequently makes improvements to what they offer. Every year, they put together a blog with details about what to look forward to at FamilySearch in the new year. FamilySearch plans to play a major role in creating millions of new, fun family discoveries and online connections. The most obvious thing to look for in FamilySearch i...


  • FamilySearch Released a 2016 End of the Year Summary

    Jan 13

    FamilySearch, one of the most popular genealogy websites, released an end of the year review about the things they accomplished in 2016. You might already be benefiting from some of those things. Here is a quick look at some of the highlights from the FamilySearch 2016 end of the year summary. In 2016, FamilySearch added 103 family history cen...


  • What’s New at FamilySearch – December 2016

    Jan 6

    Every month, FamilySearch puts together a blog that shows the new changes and updates that happened on the website and on their apps. They often add new things to their vast resources and improve features that already existed. Here is a look at what's new at FamilySearch as of December 2016. In December of 2016, FamilySearch m...


  • Help FamilySearch Reach Its Indexing Goal in December

    Dec 7

    Would you like to give other genealogists the joy of discovering their ancestors? One way to do that is to take part in FamilySearch's December 2016 indexing goal. They have named it #LIGHTtheWORLD. Indexing makes a difference. FamilySearch describes indexing as a volunteer transcription effort that makes valuable genealogical records searcha...


  • Watch the Freedmen’s Bureau Project Celebration Broadcast

    Dec 2

    The Freedmen's Bureau Project is helping African Americans reconnect with their Civil War–era ancestors. The Freedmen's Bureau Project Celebration will be a live event that you can watch on December 6, 2016, at 9:00 a.m., EST. The Freedmen's Bureau Project was created as a set of partnerships between FamilySearch International and the Nationa...


  • What’s New at FamilySearch – October 2016

    Nov 10

    FamilySearch often adds new things to their vast resources. They also make changes to improve features that are already offered. Every month, they put together a blog post with information about what's new at FamilySearch. In October of 2016, FamilySearch made improvements to its Help Center. The new Get Help menu now contains 6 options ins...


  • Share 52 Stories from your Personal History

    Oct 19

    Have you ever wanted to write your life story? The goal can be intimidating, especially for family historians who aren't writers. One way to accomplish a difficult task is to break it up into smaller pieces. FamilySearch has a plan that can help you do that. They call it #52Stories. #52Stories is a project created by FamilySearch. It provid...


  • FamilySearch Added 141 Million New Hints

    Oct 13

    FamilySearch has made it a little bit easier for people to find information about their ancestors. They have added 141 million new ancestor hints to their FamilySearch Family Tree. FamilySearch will let you know when it thinks it has found a record that could be about your ancestor. How does hinting work? FamilySearch has built a cloud of dat...


  • New Databases on

    Sep 27

    It is useful to keep up with the newest databases available with site. Here are four that could prove very useful in your research. On each that you search you can click on the 'details' icon or go directly to the scanned image, showed with a 'camera' icon.  Click on each bolded topic to call up the database. Pensions filed by Co...