• Relatives Around Me – New Feature in Family Tree App

    Jun 23

    FamilySearch has added something new to their Family Tree app. It is called Relatives Around Me. The purpose of this new feature is to let you know if you are related to anyone in a group of people. It can also tell you how you are related to them. FamilySearch's Family Tree app is a mobile companion to FamilySearch. Use it to add family ph...


  • How to Start Indexing Online for FamilySearch

    Jun 7

    Indexing is essential to making the world's records searchable. At FamilySearch, hundreds of thousands of volunteer indexers, from around the world, have participated in transcribing valuable genealogical records and making them easily searchable online. Here's how you can start indexing online for FamilySearch. The first thing a person who is ...


  • The Gift of a Family Tree

    May 17

    Genealogists know that a person's family tree is an incredibly important piece of their family story. It can be difficult to put together, especially for people who are African-American. The records that are accessible tend to stop at around 1870. As such, one can imagine how special it was for a Congresswoman to receive her five-generation fami...


  • FamilySearch Introduces Family Tree Lite

    May 14

    FamilySearch has introduced Family Tree Lite. It is a streamlined version of FamilySearch's Family Tree. This version is for users who need FamilySearch's Family Tree to be smaller. Why would FamilySearch take something users love and make a smaller, minimalistic, version of it? One reason has to do with bandwidth. People who use FamilySearc...


  • FamilySearch has French Census Records

    May 2

    Genealogists who have ancestors who lived in France can benefit from using the resources at FamilySearch. They have added six new French Census collections. FamilySearch regularly updates existing collections of records by adding new ones to them. The French Census is different from the United States Census (which is carried out nationally). ...


  • Add Your Recipe Story to FamilySearch

    Apr 12

    Your family probably has at least one recipe that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Perhaps the recipe was created by your grandmother, and your kids are old enough now for you to pass it down to them. Or, maybe the recipe goes back even farther in your family tree. FamilySearch would like for you to "Savor Your Family's Stor...


  • An Easy Way to Import Photos to FamilySearch

    Apr 4

    When you want to share a family photo online, there are several different places you can put it. You probably pick your favorite form of social media and put the photo there. Or, maybe you post it on the social media website where the majority of your family members are. Now, you can import photos from Facebook and Instagram onto ...


  • Newly Updated Collection at FamilySearch – February 2017

    Mar 3

    FamilySearch frequently adds new records to its collections. There is a simple way find out what record collections have been newly updated. Check the FamilySearch Historical Record Collections list at the beginning of a new month. Updated or Added to in February 2017: February 28: Ghana, Accra, Marriages, 1863-2003 February 28: Texas, ...


  • Share Your Family Recipe Story

    Feb 15

    Many families have a special recipe that is beloved by all and handed down from one generation to the next. That recipe is important not only because it tastes good but also because it brings up warm memories of the relative that created the recipe and the stories that connect to that food. FamilySearch wants you to share your family recipe story...


  • Tips for Researching Your African-American Ancestors

    Feb 8

    FamilySearch is one of the most popular genealogy websites. FamilySearch has put together a blog post of helpful tips for tracing your African-American Ancestors. One of these tips could help you break through the “brick wall” in your research. FamilySearch points out that if you are tracing African-American ancestors in records after 1870...