• – NOT

    Jan 15

    There has been a good deal of information in newspapers, online and the television about and its publishing public information about individuals. This site is NOT (which has been active since 1994). Two different online genealogical sites. The FamilyTreeNow has been providing information (names, addresses, etc) for...


  • Tool Kit – Immigration

    May 16

    Genealogists who live in the United States can be certain that at least some of their ancestors were immigrants. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of resources that genealogists can use to research their ancestors who were immigrants. This Tool Kit has links to all our blogs that are about immigration. Ships and Passenger Lists...


  • Cyndi’s List Celebrated 20 Years of Service

    Apr 25

    Cyndi's List is a staple for genealogists who do the majority of their research online. In March of 2016, the website celebrated a major milestone - 20 years of service. Cyndi's List was launched on March 4, 1996. It began as a side-page in a personal genealogy website. Over time, Cyndi's List has grown to become one of the top online genealogy ...


  • MyHeritage Introduced Record Detective II

    Mar 31

    MyHeritage has introduced something new. It is called Record Detective II and it is a significant upgrade over the original Record Detective. Genealogists who use MyHeritage can use Record Detective II to advance their family history research further than ever before. Record Detective the original, was launched in 2013. It was described as a “...


  • Tool Kit – Christmas

    Dec 3

    Genealogists can find a whole lot of connections between genealogy and Christmas. Stories about how ancestors and relatives celebrate the holiday have become part of your family history. Your family's heritage might be reflected in certain Christmas foods and decorations. In addition, genealogists might be looking for gift ideas for the other genea...


  • Copies of Records from

    Oct 12

     The (Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah) was able for a brief time to scan a copy of a requested document, info from microfilm, book, record, CD, vital record, deed, etc. into digital format (JPG or PDF) and attach to your email address to be sent to you.   By mid-2015 they have stopped (discontinued) that service. �...


  • Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015

    Sep 2

    Every year, Family Tree Magazine sifts through the internet and selects the very best genealogy resources it finds. This list is then shared with readers who might be looking for some new and interesting genealogy blogs to enjoy. This year, some of the selections are more than blogs! The Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015 list was released on Family T...


  • A Boolean Search Could Help You Find Your Ancestor

    Jul 8

    Have you hit a “brick wall” with your genealogy research? There's that one ancestor who has proven to be very elusive. You've tried everything you can think of but are having no luck. It's possible that a Boolean search could help you find your ancestor. What's a Boolean search? The answer to that question goes back to George Boole. He is be...


  • Four Appalachian States

    Jun 22

    The four southern Appalachian states are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, due to the fact the Appalachian Mountains encompass part of the state. If you have any ancestors from these states and specifically from the Appalachian region, you will find the online site titled 'Appalachian Mountain Families' a most informative data...


  • Available on

    Mar 1

      This website, can be of real assistance for any level family history researcher. If you are just starting, the basics are explained in clear and easy to follow formats. If you have been working at the research for awhile, there are informational sections to help you move even further. For the long-time and advanced genealogis...