• How to Know What NOT to Share

    Feb 18

    Genealogy research can be exciting! You could uncover family history that tells stories of bravery, deception, secret love affairs, or “madness”. It can be very tempting to post everything onto your genealogy blog or social media. But, is that really a good idea? Before you share what you discovered, take a moment to view this list of things yo...


  • Cost of Living for our Ancestors

    Feb 13

    Here is an interesting aspect to research and add to information relating to your ancestors -- the cost of daily household items or special purchases. For example do some comparison of the cost of items used by your relatives and see quite a few differences. Of course there would be differences based on regions of the country to factor in also. ...


  • Tips for Making Genealogy More Frugal

    Aug 14

    One thing that all genealogists learn early on is that not everything that has to do with genealogy is free. It costs money to get copies of vital records, to access some online genealogy resources, and to be a part of a genealogy or family history club or organization. Wouldn't it be great to find a way to cut down the amount you spend on genealog...


  • What else can you Learn? Genealogy Ongoing

    Jul 26

    As is said many times ... you never 'finish' your family tree. There is always another branch or an ancestor with more details needed to help add greater substance to your family history. So that means to continually educate yourself on the newest and most efficient methods of research. Also don't overlook improving your writing skills as you put ...


  • Check-Off List — Part 2

    Jul 2

    Keeping a list of specific research techniques and resources is important. Back in March 2013 for (Check-off List -Ten ideas to check off your Genealogy Check List!) on the first ten suggestions for your list were offered. The following are ten new additional ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check them of...


  • When Should You Throw Pictures Away?

    Apr 15

    For many people, the most difficult part of going through old pictures is, not knowing where to start. Looking at boxes of photos can be an overwhelming task. Not too long ago, I was helping my Mom get started on her own scrapbooking. She wanted to get started on my childhood pictures. Many of the albums were starting to yellow, and she knew that s...


  • Introduction to Scrapbooking Your Family History

    Apr 15

    My name is Meredith Ethington and I am so excited for the opportunity to take on this challenge of sharing, writing, and blogging all about scrapbooking your family history. Scrapbooking is a topic near and dear to my heart. So, is genealogy. I started scrapbooking almost 12 years ago when I was a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Chr...


  • Granddad’s Old Job

    Apr 7

    Occupations have changed over the decades, not just in recent times but across the centuries, the need is no longer there for certain jobs to be done but rather people learn a new skill and follow that occupation. We can look back 100 to 150 years and see many changes that have taken place as far as jobs. With the electronic age over the last 30...


  • Common Surnames. European origins.

    Apr 5

    You could guess the most common surnames in the United States, more than likely you have one or more ancestors with that surname, making it difficult to track the right relative. Some of those family names in the U. S. include Smith, Johnson, Williams, Brown, and Jones. However, if your ancestors originally came from a western or eastern Europe...


  • New Collection Donated of Civil War Images

    Apr 1

    Having something well over 150 years old scanned so it can be shared with the world is a wonderful achievement. In 2010, Tom Liljenquist, a collector of Civil War photos had purchased a large private collection of such photos in Gettysburg, PA for $3,500. Many were tin-types and ambrotype in their original folding cases. There were Union as well ...