• Ohio Photos

    Mar 31

    Have any ancestors from Ohio, then you will want to check on the Ohio Historical Society online site with a variety of images. They are divided into categories - listed at the left. There is also a search box at the top, especially if you are looking for a specific town or person. Or if you know a military regiment an ancestor served with such...


  • Asylum and Insane Hospitals-Lost Ancestors

    Mar 29

    In your research you may well have come across an ancestor that once was part of a family and in the next census or directory listing they are not there. This especially seems to happen to female ancestors during the 1800s. Did they disappear?? They is no obituary or death notice - what happened? I found on my father's British side, two cases in...


  • Cyndi’s List in 2014

    Mar 27

    Sometimes it is just great to locate a site that has every possible genealogical topic or category you could ever think of with links to online sites that provide the latest on that topic. This is what Cyndi's List has been and still continues into 2014 providing to family history researchers. For years, since 1997, she has gathered and organ...


  • Experts Side with FDA Over 23andMe

    Mar 26

    You may have heard by now that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered 23andMe to halt the marketing of its health-related direct-to-consumer DNA test kits. (It is still allowed to sell its DNA test kit for genealogy purposes). Many saw this as a controversial decision. The FDA had concerns about the potential health risks that a co...


  • Ranking of Popular Given Names

    Mar 25

    Given names - those first and middle names given to a baby at birth or when baptized have been a source of pride and hatred, depending what the given name was and also what time period the baby lived. There has been names that were always popular during certain eras, because of a real person, such as a president or hero and other times just beca...


  • Apps that Help Keep Family Connected

    Mar 24

    Your ancestors might have decided to stay in the town that they grew up in. They would be surrounded by the other members of their family. Today, many people end up moving far away from family. Sometimes, the reason has to do with attending college. People also move in order to take a good job offer. Fortunately, you can still keep in touch with lo...


  • Expansion of America

    Mar 23

    The American frontier has never been only the 'wild west' as many people think. The 'frontier' - the wilderness, untamed lands of America started with the first Europeans to come to the shores of what would later be the United States. The Spaniards came to the eastern coast to create St. Augustine in what was later named Florida. The English ca...


  • Eastman’s Tidbits – PT 2

    Mar 22

    Dick Eastman's recent presentation in Stuart, FL offered several interesting tidbits of information. He covered about the use of This resources with many databases is very helpful if you have ancestors from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, and other Eastern European nations. Other places are also covered, but it does have ...


  • Find A Grave has a New App

    Mar 20

    Genealogy – there's an app for that! Actually, there are plenty of genealogy related apps. Some connect with specific genealogy websites, others are great for posting and sharing family photos. Find A Grave now has its own app. The iOS version was released on March 3, 2014. The Android version is “coming soon”. acquired Find A...


  • State Treasuries – Forgotten

    Mar 19

    Often overlook are a variety of items (jewelry, stocks, documents, cash, etc) that once belonged to a relative and for any number of reasons has been forgotten about. If those items were in a bank safe deposit box and the rent unpaid, the contains are then turned over to the state treasury where that bank is located. However, not just items in...