• Interesting Work Involved with Genealogy

    Feb 24

    For most people, genealogy is a hobby; a very fascinating, exciting and satisfactory pastime. A person becomes a detective trying to put all the puzzle pieces together to create a picture of their heritage. It does entail work, time, energy and money to produce results. The amount of work and especially costs can vary for individuals. Yet, spending...


  • What Vanessa Williams Learned from Ancestry DNA

    Feb 24

    Genealogists can learn quite a bit from a direct-to-consumer DNA test. This is true even if you already know some things about your family history. Vanessa Williams used's DNA test kit. The results gave her information about her family that she did not know. AncestryDNA is the name of the DNA testing kit that comes from the po...


  • Variety of Hometown Newspapers Resources

    Feb 23

    It is great to have a variety of local hometown newspapers scanned and online at your fingertips. This is the case for the 'Historical Newspapers Online' done by Penn State. All the states are listed with the available newspapers, their locations, the years covered and any additional information. They have combined the national Chronicles Newspa...


  • Prisoners 1860s at McHenry and Andersonville

    Feb 21

    As you research and come across one or more ancestors who served during the American Civil War, you may well see they might have been a prisoner at one time. In the early years of the war, prisoners were just caught and then within a few days an exchange of prisoners would take place. Both sides soon realized the fighting would just continue if sol...


  • What is the Genographic Project?

    Feb 20

    Have you heard of the Genographic Project? It is an interesting opportunity for genealogists. The full name is The Geneographic Project 2.0. (and it is currently in beta). It won't help you find the wedding certificate of your great uncle Fred. Instead, it can give you a much wider view of your family history. Those who wish to participate i...


  • Wellcome Library Photographic Collection

    Feb 19

    So many new and once forgotten photographs are being scanned and made digital so they can then be shared around the globe. The newest collection available is from the Wellcome Library in the United Kingdom. There are two major categories: Historical Images and Contemporary Images. You can select either or both and then place a keyword, hometown ...


  • DNA Testing Kits that are Still Available to Genealogists

    Feb 18

    Lately, there has been some news about DNA testing kits that are no longer available to the general public. Those test kits have been removed from the market because the Food and Drug administration (FDA) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have doubts about the medical information that was given to consumers who had sent in a sample of thei...


  • So Cute & So True. Lighthearted Genealogy Sayings.

    Feb 17

    Sometimes placing a little humor about a preoccupation a person has, makes it easier for others to understand that obsession. So the following are just a few lighthearted sayings and observations about all of us who love working on our family tree. A genealogist’s filing system usually incorporates the floor. Genealogists don’t get Alzhei...


  • Use the Veteran’s Census 1890

    Feb 15

    We all love when we find that an ancestor served in the American Civil War (1861-1865). Of course sometimes we are not even aware we have such an ancestor. So now has online a collection from the census taken of just veterans in 1890. Now not all veterans from the Civil War were still alive in 1890, many killed in the war. How...


  • Study Reveals Genetic Impact of Risk of Early Menopause for Smokers

    Feb 12

    Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania report evidence that smoking can cause earlier signs of menopause. This relates specifically to white women who have certain genetic variations and who were heavy smokers. Their study was published online in the journal Menopause. This isn't the first study that...