• MyHeritage has Free Family History Webinars

    Apr 19

    You can learn a lot from a good webinar! A webinar is a seminar that takes place online. This means that you can watch a webinar from your home, and without having to travel to a specific location. Some webinars cost money, while others can be viewed for free. MyHeritage is a well known genealogy website that offers some of features to users for...


  • Some Favorite Foods in the 1800s

    Apr 15

    To know everything about your ancestors, one major area is about the type of foods they may have enjoyed. Many of such meals are still enjoyed today having been handled down through the generations. However, there are a few, less consumed now-a-days. To start, 'Pressed Duck' was a favorite in the 1800s. The butchered duck would be semi-roasted in ...


  • For More Effective Results. Genealogy Research.

    Apr 9

    We have all been there ... an ancestor you just can not gather any information about. In such a case, first never give up. Many answers can be found. So the following are a few approaches you many not have tried yet and need to attempt. Do research in locations that are not solely online. The Internet genealogical databases still do not have all d...


  • Stamp Collecting and Genealogy

    Feb 4

    What do stamp collecting and genealogy have in common? More than you might think! Each one can be a starting point for a person to venture into the other hobby. In other words, your interest in genealogy and family history can benefit from the knowledge you gain from your stamp collection (and vice versa). James Tanner wrote an interesting blog ...


  • MyHeritage Launched Collection of Old Books

    Jan 27

    There is something special about old books. Many of them are no longer in print and cannot be ordered from your local bookstore or found at your local library. Genealogy societies and organizations might have their own collection of old books, which may not be accessible to those who don't belong to the group. MyHeritage has launched a collection o...


  • Probate Records Help Genealogists Trace Black Family Ancestries

    Jan 18

    Genealogists who are trying to learn more about ancestors who were slaves run into difficulties not faced by other genealogists. It isn't likely that vital records, such as birth certificates or marriage licenses, exist. It turns out that probate records may hold some information about your ancestors who were slaves. Probate records are document...


  • FamilySearch Adds a Memories Gallery

    Jan 14

    FamilySearch, one of the most popular genealogy websites, frequently adds new resources and tools that its users can utilize. One of the more recent additions is a Memories Gallery. It was designed to enhance how genealogists add, organize, and view pictures and other artifacts from their family tree. FamilySearch, as you may know, is provided a...


  • Tool Kit – Tips for Beginners

    Jan 5

    Genealogy is a popular hobby. Jumping into it as a beginner can seem intimidating. How does one get started? Are there helpful templates and charts out there, somewhere? This blog is part of a series of Tool Kits. It is normal to feel overwhelmed, and perhaps a bit confused, when beginning a new hobby. One way to get started is to...


  • Why So Many Polish People Came to Chicago

    Dec 8

    It has been said that Chicago has more Polish people living in it than Warsaw does. It turns out this particular piece of passed around wisdom simply isn't true. Even so, it is clear that Chicago does have a large population of people who have Polish heritage. Why did so many Polish people come to Chicago? It isn't factual to say that Chicago ha...


  • Could Genetics Shape Your Political Beliefs?

    Sep 28

    Do you come from a family that has always voted for a particular political party? There could be a genetic reason that influences people toward one political party and away from an opposing one. That being said, a person's political beliefs can also be influenced by how their parents presented their own political beliefs. Genealogists might disc...