• How to Find Genealogy Webinars

    Feb 4

      Have you ever gone online and watched a webinar? Now may be a good time to check one out. A webinar is sort of like a short video that teaches a person something specific about a particular topic. There are plenty of them out there that genealogists can access for free. Here are some tips about how to find genealogy webinars.   ...


  • How to Find Genealogy Podcasts

    Feb 2

    You can find a podcast on just about any topic you can imagine! Naturally, this includes genealogy and family history. There was a time when very few people understood what a podcast was. Today, podcasts are becoming an extremely popular form of media. You can learn a lot from listening to a genealogy podcast. Here are some easy ways to find t...


  • How to Find Storage for Digital Records

    Jan 28

    Genealogy is a study that can create vast amounts of “paperwork”. In many cases, the original documents, photos, and family trees are written down on actual paper. In addition, it is also entirely possible to end up collecting bits and pieces of digital research that connects to your ancestors and living relatives. Where are you going to put...


  • How to Record a Gravestone Without Damaging it

    Jan 26

    Genealogists can learn a lot from a visit to a graveyard. There is a plethora of information that can be found on a gravestone. You can learn an ancestor's birth date, death date, surname (sometimes including maiden name) and even a little bit about their personality and interests. It is easy to see why genealogists want to make a record of what is...


  • How to Find Out What’s In Your Genes

    Jan 22

    Genealogy and genetics are two different fields of study that have become very overlapped in recent years. In addition to creating a family tree, many genealogists are making a medical family tree as well. Discovering what is in your genes can lead you to locating relatives you did not know existed. It can also point your toward health related deci...


  • How to Tell a First Cousin from a Second Cousin

    Jan 20

    Most people can easily identify who their great-grandparents are. It isn't incredibly difficult to figure out who your aunts and uncles are (and to sort out which are “blood relatives”). Cousins, however, can be more difficult to figure out. Here are some tips to help you tell a first cousin from a second cousin. It might be just fine to int...


  • How to Make a Basic Family Tree

    Jan 14

    A family tree is an important part of genealogy research. It is something that genealogists spend a lot of time putting together and building up. At a glance, a family tree can show you exactly how a group of family members are related to each other. Family trees can become quite complex, but it is possible to make a basic family tree. Start wit...


  • How to Find Online Genealogy Websites

    Jan 12

    Those that are brand new to genealogy may find themselves struggling to get started. One easy way to find online genealogy websites is to start with the most popular ones. Check them out and discover which one seems right for you. This blog has some basic information about,, and There are some ext...


  • 52 Weeks of Ancestors

    Jan 8

    Would you like some motivation that would make your genealogy research a bit more exciting? Sometimes, all it takes is a set of pre-planned goals that several people are doing at the same time to make that happen. You can get a weekly “prompt” from the No Story Too Small website. The project is called “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks”. The 2015...


  • Funny Things Your Ancestors Said

    Dec 19

    Every generation has its own collection of slang words or phrases. Some remain for several generations, others have a 'short life span'. Knowing some of these key words and terms can help you better understand a great grandparent's generation. Also at the next family gathering to see how many people can correctly identify. From the 1910s: ding-b...