genealogy research

  • Donate War Letters

    Jul 3

    The Center for American War Letters (CAWL) at Chapman University has a massive collection of every American conflict / war, beginning with handwritten messages composed during the American Revolutionary War in the 18th century and continuing up to emails sent from Iraq and Afghanistan in the 21st century. The majority are personal letters to friend...


  • Check-Off List — Part 2

    Jul 2

    Keeping a list of specific research techniques and resources is important. Back in March 2013 for (Check-off List -Ten ideas to check off your Genealogy Check List!) on the first ten suggestions for your list were offered. The following are ten new additional ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check them of...


  • Women of the 1850s and ’60s

    Jun 17

    'An Era When Women Could Not Vote, Hold Bank Accounts Or Take A Direct Role In Business' Fashions mark the decades and era throughout history. Hard work and dressing the correct socially accepted way was the life for women in America or other locations. It is interesting during this 150th anniversary of the American Civil War that you reflec...


  • Urlist: Organize – Create Lists of Links

    Jun 11

    As you do your research you may come across a specific web site that you find filled with information or photos, one that will take many return visits. So you save the link to that site on your 'favorites' or bookmarks. Good, it is there, but in three weeks when you want to return to it, do you remember the name of the site, can you find it quickly...


  • World War One and other Sources

    May 3

    The Europeana 1914-1918 web site has gathered a collection of documents and images relating to the 'Great War' - World War One. It is divided into sections; the European continent, American, New Zealand and Australia - each having been impacted by that war a hundred years ago. The American section has some 27,505 resources you can review. The grea...


  • AARP Discount for

    Apr 28

    Good news for those with AARP membership or those who would consider getting the AARP membership -- there is now offered a 30% discount on the - one year World Explorer package subscription. Even better is if you already have, you can call Member Services at 1-800-514-4645 to access the discount. Membership to AARP is $16...


  • Resources at New York Public Library

    Apr 19

    With the Internet you no longer have to travel great distances to visit and research in the massive libraries across the country. The New York Digital Library collections are tremendous and available to anyone online. The collections are not just with people and places related to New York, but cover many events, individuals in the country and ev...


  • Discovery Adds to Family Knowledge

    Apr 10

    You never know when something from your family's past may appear at your 'doorstep'. Many things or events our ancestors participated in or owned may have been tucked away in an attic, a safe deposit box, a vault, buried in the ground or floating at sea for decades. This last situation is what happened for Angela Erdmann, a Berlin, Germany resident...


  • Ranking of Popular Given Names

    Mar 25

    Given names - those first and middle names given to a baby at birth or when baptized have been a source of pride and hatred, depending what the given name was and also what time period the baby lived. There has been names that were always popular during certain eras, because of a real person, such as a president or hero and other times just beca...


  • Will all our Genealogy Questions be Answered?

    Mar 4

    Laura June at The Verge wrote a very interesting, in depth, article that might make you look at genealogy in a different way. She wrote that the search for our ancestors is reaching its “end game”. Does that mean it is even more likely that all our genealogy questions will be answered? Historically speaking, genealogy started out as some...