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  • Three Tips to help you Organize your Family Tree Research

    Jan 10

    Genealogy is a hobby that tends to generate a lot of “paperwork”. It could take the form of stacks of papers sitting on a desk, or batches of files in your computer. You will need to find ways to keep it all organized so you can access what you need when you need it. Try these three ideas to organize your genealogy research. Follow a Resear...


  • Researchers have put together a family tree that includes 13 million people.

    Nov 27

    How big is your family tree? Genealogists who are just starting out might have only connected a handful of family members. Those lucky enough to have a genealogist or two in previous generations of their family might have a rather large family tree. It is unlikely that your family tree is as large as the one that was put together by a “genome...


  • The Family Search Website Has Been Improved

    Jan 27

    There have been some new changes to the website. FamilySearch, as you may know is the genealogy search website run by the LDS Church. These changes were done both as an effort to keep up with new technology, as well as to add new functionality to the website. Right now, they are doing a “soft launch”, to get things started, and...


  • Looking at the 1911 UK Census

    Jan 24

    It was a Sunday evening on April 2, 1911 that the official census was done throughout England, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands within the United Kingdom. Normally the records are not released for 100 years. The UK National Archives choose to release the 1911 censuses early, by 2009. Now having the information as of April 1911 on some 36 ...


  • Harry Potter Stars Came From Neighboring Villages

    Nov 7

    Sometimes, the world seems like a very small place. According to Dr. Nick Barratt, who is involved in the television series called “Who Do You Think You Are?”, two of the stars of the Harry Potter series of movies had ancestors who lived in neighboring villages. Now, around 200 years later, their descendants are movie stars. News about the ance...


  • Genetic Studies Provide Possibilities In Cancer Treatment

    Nov 3

    Pancreatic cancer is an especially serious and frightening form of cancer. It is often completely undetected until it has reached an advanced stage. It tends to reject many forms of treatment. Around 43,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Less than one out of five cases are caught early enough to be surgi...


  • Genealogist Searches For Girl Behind the Ghost

    Nov 2

    One genealogist is searching for the truth behind the ghost of a little girl. Genealogy research is a great way to learn more about the actual people that are the inspiration for local ghost stories. While this research is not going to be a definitive way to confirm, or dispute, the existence of a ghost, it can be a way to discover more about the e...


  • Long Lost Relatives from Across the Aisle

    Oct 28

    There has been a lot of rather surprising news lately about politicians. No, I am not referring to political scandals, to who is planning on running for office in the next election, or to what an individual's personal political views happen to be. If you are interested in genealogy, the biggest news about politicians lately is their relation to on...


  • U.S. GenWeb Project

    Oct 26

    The USGenWeb Project is a website that is run by a team of volunteers. Together, they are working on providing free genealogy websites that are relevant to every county and state in the United States of America. I learned that the USGenWeb Project also sponsors special projects, in addition to this website. Some of their many projects include th...



    Oct 26 is a genealogy website that is a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You can find an immense amount of records and archives on this website, and more information is added frequently. People who are new to genealogy can find information that advises you how to get started. Just follow the links on...