• ANU Museum of the Jewish People Genealogy App

    Sep 21

    ANU Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Halfusot has a genealogy app. that will show visitors how they are connected to figures on display at the museum. It is a collection of persons who are in the museum’s permanent exhibition. ANU Museum of the Jewish People presents the 4,000-year-old story of the Jewish people - past, present and fut...


  • How will you Keep in Touch with Genealogy Contacts?

    Oct 22

    Genealogists will sometimes find new contacts with people while working on their family tree, attending a conference, or visiting an archive. How do you want to keep in touch with these contacts? It is something worth considering. Stick with the site you met on Someone who is a stranger to you connects to you through your favorite geneal...


  • Washington’s Genealogy

    Jul 1

    Knowing one's lineage was very important for decades. First the royal families Europe and then for the wealthy of Colonial America. A good example is America's own George Washington, first US President. By the time he was 18, George Washington was a competent genealogist -- and he had to be. In Washington’s Virginia colony, family was a cruci...


  • American Libraries ONLINE

    Oct 1

    There are many books published over the decades, especially in the late 19th Century and early 20th century covering family surnames and individual families' history. Finding them could be the problem. Fortunately, with the Internet many of the vintage books have been scanned and now available online through specific library's collections. Using A...


  • Common Misspellings

    Sep 13

    Oh, there is a list of very common misspellings to terms used in relationship with your family history research. One of the most common yet with also acceptable but confusing spellings is Descendent and Descendant. Note the last three letters can be 'ent' or 'ant'. Both are acceptable in reference to a person descended from a specified person bas...


  • Hints Using Genealogy Blogs

    Aug 4

    Even the most experienced family history researcher needs a few hints to help solve those 'brick walls'. A couple sources would be to follow specific online blogs that tend to specialize in certain areas, locations or research problems. So the following are couple such blogs that might interest you. FAMILY TREE KNOTS When we say 'brick walls th...


  • Father’s Day Ideas

    Jun 15

    On Sunday, June 18th, 2017 will be Father's Day. A great idea is make your father and / or grandfather your genealogical focus that day and hopefully future days. First, make the plans to spend time with him, and set aside time to interview him. Bring a tape recorder and a notebook to take notes. The interview and series of questions don't have to...


  • What You Can Learn from Old Photos of Your Mother

    May 12

    Your view of your mother, and who she is, was based upon your experiences in early childhood. As you grew, the relationship between you and your mother probably changed at least a little bit. This is part of growing up. What many people forget is that their mothers had a life before they became a mom. There are several things you can learn from old...


  • Using Facebook

    May 5

    Social Media is everywhere; Facebook, Twitter, and emails are a major part of everyone's life today. Use that method of communication to help you in your own family research. Where else can you network with groups of people from around the world and talk about family history, whenever you want? There are many, many, groups and pages on Facebook. ...


  • Wit and Wisdom in Genealogy

    Feb 25

    Just to add a touch of humor and maybe a laugh or two to your day, here are a few selected humorous sayings, phrases, thoughts that just might strike a cord with your own family history research. Enjoy! From Mark Twain: “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”  Genealogists are time travelers. If you don’t tend you...