Feb 23

    Living DNA has a direct-to-consumer DNA test kit. Use it to find out where you really come from.  The Living DNA test is the most advanced DNA test, offering twice the detail of other ancestry tests.   The Living DNA test is simple.  You can order it online.  The kit is shipped straight to you, by standard or express routes, no matter...


  • Reasons Why Knowing Your Family History is Important

    Jan 27

    When people start searching for information about their ancestors, they often begin by looking for vital records and filling in their family tree. Not all genealogists take the time to also become family historians. There are many reasons why knowing your family history is important. Family History Provides Connections Your family tree can show...


  • Ways to Grow Your Family History

    Jan 9

    The way to grow your family tree is to do more genealogy research. Most genealogists have at least some success with this task. If you hit a “brick wall”, you can seek help from other genealogists. Growing your family history is not as straightforward because it relies on entirely different resources than genealogy work does. Here are some ways...


  • What MyHeritage Added in 2016

    Jan 7

    MyHeritage was extremely busy in 2016! People who use MyHeritage may already be taking advantage of some of the things that were newly released in 2016. Here is a quick look just a few of the interesting, useful, things that were added to MyHeritage in 2016. MyHeritage added the following in 2016: 802 million new historical records were added, 7...


  • RootsTech 2017 Innovator Pass Sessions – February 8

    Nov 20

    RootsTech 2017 will take place starting on February 8-11, 2017. There are a series of Sessions that will be available each day. The type of Pass you purchase determines what Sessions you will be able to access. Keep in mind that these Sessions/Labs are subject to change. Those who buy the Innovator Summit Pass can access: * 9:00 a.m. Innovato...


  • MyHeritage Updated its App

    Nov 15

    The MyHeritage mobile app has been updated. The app is useful for genealogists who use the MyHeritage website. The MyHeritage app allows you to share family moments, discover and edit your family history, and keep in touch with the people you love. The MyHeritage app is available for download at both the App Store and on Google Play. You can use...


  • Mount Vernon “Lives Bound Together” Exhibition

    Oct 26

    The “Lives Bound Together: Slavery at George Washington's Mount Vernon” exhibition explores the personal stories of the people enslaved at Mount Vernon, while providing insight into George Washington's opposition to slavery. The exhibition is held in the Donald W. Reynolds Museum at George Washington's Mount Vernon. The “Lives Bound Togeth...


  • The Genographic Project

    Sep 28

    National Geographic launched their Genographic Project in 2005. It is a research project from the National Geographic Society which encompass work carried out by their scientific team. The public is encouraged to join. The Genographic project focuses on deep ancestry from an anthropological perspective. The Genographic Project uses advanced DNA ...


  • Matching DNA Upload

    Sep 28

    MyHeritage compares DNA data of individuals, which has been uploaded to the MyHeritage website, in order to find matches based on shared DNA. Your DNA matches are people who are highly likely to be relatives (close or distant) because there are significant similarities between their DNA and yours. DNA Matching can open up exciting new research...


  • Genealogy You Can Accomplish On Your Lunch Hour

    Sep 22

    It isn't always possible to set aside several hours in a row to do genealogy research. You can, however, make use of smaller chunks of time. Does your employment situation include a lunch hour? That's a perfect time to do some quick, genealogy related, tasks. Check Your Email Use your lunch hour to go through your personal email (not your work ...