• Behind the Scenes at Finding Your Roots

    Jul 20

    Finding Your Roots is a very popular genealogy TV show. The host is Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Every episode features a celebrity who learns more about his or her ancestors while the camera is running. There's a lot of interesting information included in the show. There is also a lot going on behind the scenes at Finding Your Roots. The Finding Your...


  • MyHeritage Released Sun Charts

    Jul 18

    There are some things that all genealogists do. Everyone searches online for information about their ancestors, makes copies of their research, and continues to build their family tree. Are you looking for something different to do with your genealogy research? MyHeritage has released Sun Charts. You probably haven't put one of those together yet! ...


  • Use Google Images Search to Learn About a Photo

    Jul 9

    Genealogists use Google to find more information about their ancestors, to discover genealogy resources that are new to them, or to learn more about a particular genealogy festival or event. Google probably won't reveal information about a photograph – but Google Images might! Google Images is specifically designed for people to use when they ...


  • Giving Up Too Easily??

    Jul 7

    So you thought you could instantly find everything about your ancestors and create a wonderful, complete family tree. Well, anything worth it's while, does take time. Today, everything is instant, but you have to remember that there are so many years, events, dates, tales, names that helped bring you to where you are now in your life, it can not be...


  • Go Beyond What is Official

    Jul 5

    Working for years on research for a family branch, the Groff family of Frederick, Maryland, I had reviewed numerous times all the US Federal Census records for the Groff family. One was a special puzzle for me in the 1880 census. Here listed, besides the children of Joseph and Susan Groff, was what appeared the name 'Nicholas H. Groff' in the house...


  • AncestryDNA is 2 Million People Strong

    Jul 5

    Around 11 months ago, AncestryDNA announced that it had tested over 1 million people. Recently, has hit another major milestone. They are now 2 million people strong. They are the very first consumer genetics testing company to hit that milestone. AncestryDNA is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing service. It uses the latest autosomal testing t...


  • Let Vintage Guidebooks Steer You

    Jun 25

    Here is an idea of an often overlooked location to find information on an ancestor. Many hometowns since the 1920s, especially if they had some special attractions such as seashore resorts, fishing villages, hiking trails, nature parks, lake terrains, grand mountains, former mining towns, historical landmarks, etc. have produced over the years loca...


  • MyHeritage Adds 11 Million Australian Newspaper Pages

    Jun 24

    Old newspapers might be seen as trash by many people. But, to genealogists, they are a treasure! There are things you might be able to find in an old newspaper that simply aren't available anywhere else. You might find an ancestor's obituary, or an article about a baking contest she won. It is easy to see why MyHeritage decided to add 11 million pa...


  • Bruce Springsteen Has Irish Heritage

    Jun 23

    Bruce Springsteen is best known for his “Born in the USA” album. He was born in in Long Branch, New Jersey, in 1949. It is obvious that “The Boss” really was born in the United States. What you may not know is that he has Irish heritage. Irish Central reports that Bruce Springsteen's family tree can be traced to County Kildare, Ireland. ...


  • Ways to Prevent Your Relatives From Trashing Your Family History

    Jun 13

    You may have read the story about the woman whose family threw all of her genealogy and family history work into the trash after the woman passed away. It is easy to see why this story is shocking to genealogists. Here are some ways you can prevent your family from trashing your family history. The story may have first appeared on the Deseret Ne...