• Ways to Prevent Your Relatives From Trashing Your Family History

    Jun 13

    You may have read the story about the woman whose family threw all of her genealogy and family history work into the trash after the woman passed away. It is easy to see why this story is shocking to genealogists. Here are some ways you can prevent your family from trashing your family history. The story may have first appeared on the Deseret Ne...


  • Add Context to Your Research for More of the Story

    Jun 10

    Want to add some flavor to your genealogy research or your family history? One great way to do it is by adding some context to fill out what you already know about your ancestors. Doing so can reveal insights that you may have overlooked the first time around. Add Some History Take the time to learn what was going on in the world when your ance...


  • Reasons You Might Not Know Cancer Runs in Your Family

    Jun 8

    Genealogy today involves not only making a family tree but also creating a medical family tree. There are some DNA tests out there that can reveal a person's risk of developing cancer. In the United States, the Affordable Care Act has made it possible for more people than ever before to be able to afford to see a doctor. Even so, there are some rea...


  • Finding Errors in Records??

    Jun 7

    Sometimes it is difficult to locate an ancestor because there could be errors either you have made or that were made when a vital record (birth, marriage, death, deed, military, etc) was created. The spelling of given and surnames is one of the common areas of errors. Many names have quite a few various methods of being spelled and those ways have...


  • Search Engines Other Than Google

    Jun 4

    What do you do when you want to find information online? The majority of people “just Google it”. Typically, Google will come up with the answers that the person was seeking. What if Google didn't find your ancestors? There are plenty of other search engines to try. Duck Duck Go Duck Duck Go is “the search engine that doesn't track you”...


  • Clixta App Lets You Upload, Store, and Share Photos

    Jun 3

    There are a variety of apps to choose from that enable you to post your family photos online. Ultimately, you have to pick the one that is best for your needs. Clixta is a family photo sharing app that is working with Copyright Hub. Clixta is a photo sharing network that is completely focused on the past. It provides a simple and fun way to shar...


  • MyHeritage Launches Book Matching

    Jun 2

    MyHeritage announced the launch of their revolutionary technology that will help individuals locate information about their ancestors that is found in books. It is called Book Matching. It automatically looks at the individuals that are in family trees on MyHeritage and looks for them in MyHeritage's vast collection of digitized historical books. ...


  • Family History Library Block Party 2016

    Jun 1

    Many people have asked the Family History Library if they are going to hold their Global Family Reunion block party again. It was a very popular event. FamilySearch has announced that the Family History Library will be holding a block party in the Summer of 2016. In 2015, thousands of people gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah, to participate in a ...


  • The ‘Other’ Search Engines

    May 27

    In any type of research and especially when working on your family history, you are very dependent on the use of search engines on the Internet to attempt to locate a document, database, photos, a record, a journal, letters, or book that could provide that little key bit of information missing about your ancestors. Google is always number one when...


  • What Does “Daughtered Out” Mean?

    May 24

    The phrase “daughtered out” is an interesting one because it combines concepts from genealogy and from sociology. The concept doesn't have as big an impact today as it once did, mostly due to changes in how society views the importance of women. What does “daughtered out” mean? It means “to expire due to having only females surviving t...