• Interview Questions

    Apr 21

      You know one of the best methods of research, other than to gather names, hometowns and dates, is to interview a relative. Not just one, but as many as you can and from different family branches. So the following are suggestions to get you started. Start with a blank notebook filled with paper. You might, if the person is being interview...


  • Ransomware Closed National Records of Scotland

    Apr 20

    The multitude of genealogy records that are accessible online makes things easier for today's genealogist. Type your ancestor's name into a search engine on a genealogy website, and you may find some of his or her records. The worst case scenario is that the search will come up empty. The websites that host genealogy records have a much bigger thin...


  • MyHeritage has Free Family History Webinars

    Apr 19

    You can learn a lot from a good webinar! A webinar is a seminar that takes place online. This means that you can watch a webinar from your home, and without having to travel to a specific location. Some webinars cost money, while others can be viewed for free. MyHeritage is a well known genealogy website that offers some of features to users for...


  • Sort – Organize Family Photos

    Apr 17

    You might have been given the collection of family photos, some may even date back to the mid-1860s. Or another relative has such a box full, but has never organized them. Either way, you or working with the other relative do need to make the time to sort and organize and hopefully label that collection. If you wait it only gets harder. So work on...


  • Some Favorite Foods in the 1800s

    Apr 15

    To know everything about your ancestors, one major area is about the type of foods they may have enjoyed. Many of such meals are still enjoyed today having been handled down through the generations. However, there are a few, less consumed now-a-days. To start, 'Pressed Duck' was a favorite in the 1800s. The butchered duck would be semi-roasted in ...


  • Your Surname in the World

    Apr 13

    It can be fascinating to learn who else in the world have your same family name (surname). It can be a bit hard to contact all of them but using the online site titled 'Forebears' you can learn a little of where many live across the globe. They have approximately about 11 millions names. This site has you start by typing in the surname you are sea...


  • New Words to Add to Your Genealogy Dictionary

    Apr 11

    Genealogy is the study of the past. People search for information about relatives who have passed away and ancestors they have never met. However, genealogy is also affected by new discoveries, technology, and updated terminology. Here are some words you should add to your genealogy dictionary. Many families are made up of people who are either ...


  • For More Effective Results. Genealogy Research.

    Apr 9

    We have all been there ... an ancestor you just can not gather any information about. In such a case, first never give up. Many answers can be found. So the following are a few approaches you many not have tried yet and need to attempt. Do research in locations that are not solely online. The Internet genealogical databases still do not have all d...


  • GenealogyInTime Picks Top 100 of 2016

    Apr 7

    GenealogyInTime Magazine is one of the largest independent and free genealogy websites in the world. Their independence allows them to provide valuable, honest, information. They are more than just a magazine. They are also a genealogy platform that has tools and resources to help people find their ancestors. Every year, GenealogyInTime Magazine...


  • WDYTYA – April 3rd

    Apr 1

      The newest season American version of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' (WDYTYA) starts Sunday, April 3rd at 9 pm E / 18 pm C. It is on the TLC channel. The show helps celebrities find their family background - family history. In turn it shows the general public different methods for locating their ancestors.   The names of celebrities to be fe...