• The First Point-Of-Care Test For Lactose Intolerance

    Sep 26

    In a recent study published in The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine, researchers evaluated the performance of a compact diagnostic assay that can accurately and rapidly diagnose lactose intolerance using capillary blood and buccal swab samples, News Medical Net, reported. A decrease or absence in the synthesis and activity of the lac...


  • 23andMe Improves BRCA Report For Communities Underrepresented In Genetic Testing

    Sep 11

    Building on our first FDA authorization for a direct-to-consumer genetic health risk test for cancer, 23andMe received clearance this week to expand the number of genetic test variants covered in our BRAC1/BRAC2 (Selected variants) Genetic Health Risk report. These additional variants are all known to be associated with higher risk for brea...


  • Understanding Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry & Genetics

    Jul 25

    The history and culture of Ashkenazi Jewish people, the waves of persecution, pogroms, and communal isolation over centuries, help explain the genetic uniqueness of Ashkenazi ancestry and it’s implications on health, 23andMe wrote. While people of Ashkenazi ancestry have deep roots in eastern and central Europe, their ancestral lines tra...


  • The Look Of Your Eyebrow Is In Your Genes

    Jun 23

    The first gene mapping study on eyebrow thickness in Europeans discovered three previously unreported genetic loci, The Jerusalem Post reported.  Cosmetics including eye pencils, shadow, or powder can help you create your look, but according to a new study conducted by the International Visible Trait Genetics (VisGen) Consortium, and publi...


  • 23andMe Adds More Detail For Indigenous Mexican Ancestry

    Jun 14

    23andMe has added finer details for customers with roots that trace back to Indigenous American ancestors from 28 different regions in what is now Mexico. The update is part of our continuing work to improve 23andMe’s Ancestry reports and features. This new update allows customers with Indigenous American ancestry from one of these Geneti...


  • 23andMe Adds More Details For Indigenous Caribbean Ancestry

    May 9

    23andMe has added finer detail for customers with roots that trace back to four Indigenous Caribbean populations, which include Indigenous ancestry in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the Southern Caribbean. The update is part of our continuing work to improve ancestry reports and features. This new update allows customers wit...


  • 23andMe Knows You’re Special

    Apr 11

    23andMe knows that you are special. But you might be even more special than any of us suspected, and we want to learn a little more about that. 23andMe’s unique research model allows our scientists to leverage data from millions of customers who consent to participate in our research. This gives data at unprecedented scale to reveal more ...


  • 23andMe Adds 43 More Genetic Groups

    Mar 8

    23andMe has added finer detail for customers to improve our Ancestry reports and features. This update is part of our continuing effort to improve Ancestry reports and features.  It will also allow customers with ancestry from those regions to see connections back to 43 genetic groups - 29 in Spain (including the Canary and Balearic ar...


  • Do Police Have Access To Your DNA?

    Feb 22

    Palm Beach Daily News (via MSN) posted an article titled: “Do police have access to your DNA? What to know about investigative genetic genealogy” The article starts with: You joined a genealogy site to connect with relatives but then had them arrested for murder instead. Such is reality for a growing number of people thanks to the rest ...


  • ASHG Apologized For Past Harms Of Human Genetics Research

    Feb 18

    The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) apologized (on January 23, 2023) for the participation of some of its early leaders in the American eugenics movement, as well as the Society’ failure to consistently acknowledge and oppose harms and injustices tied to the field, including use of human genetics to feed racism, eugenics, and other...