• Updated Version of Gorilla Genome Revealed

    Apr 26

    The genome of the Western Lowland Gorilla has been given a second look. Scientists noticed that the original attempt to sequence the gorilla's genome had gaps. What they learned from Western lowland gorilla's genome could reveal information relevant to the human genome. The scientific name for humans is Homo sapiens. The scientific name of the W...


  • Being Injury-Prone Could be in your Genes

    Mar 10

    Do you have a relative that has a remarkable tendency to end up injured? It might not be entirely their fault. A review article indicates that a person's genetic makeup could have an influence on their risk of injury. The results of the article are especially interesting to athletes whose livelihoods can be negatively impacted after a severe injur...


  • How Much do you Know About Your Genes?

    May 26

    Genealogy and genetics go together. Your genes play a role in everything from the color of your eyes to the potential for you to pass certain health conditions onto your offspring. Genealogists of today can benefit from having a good understanding of genetics. Here are some basic facts about genes to help you brush up on your knowledge. Gene...


  • Study Reveals Genetic Impact of Risk of Early Menopause for Smokers

    Feb 12

    Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania report evidence that smoking can cause earlier signs of menopause. This relates specifically to white women who have certain genetic variations and who were heavy smokers. Their study was published online in the journal Menopause. This isn't the first study that...


  • Researchers have put together a family tree that includes 13 million people.

    Nov 27

    How big is your family tree? Genealogists who are just starting out might have only connected a handful of family members. Those lucky enough to have a genealogist or two in previous generations of their family might have a rather large family tree. It is unlikely that your family tree is as large as the one that was put together by a “genome...


  • Genetic Studies Provide Possibilities In Cancer Treatment

    Nov 3

    Pancreatic cancer is an especially serious and frightening form of cancer. It is often completely undetected until it has reached an advanced stage. It tends to reject many forms of treatment. Around 43,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Less than one out of five cases are caught early enough to be surgi...


  • Studies Show Link Between Depression And Genetic Pathway

    Nov 2

    Depression is a mental health issue that tends to run in families. Around 7% of the population of the United States of America will be affected by depression in one year. While the percentage number may not sound very big, it doesn't reflect how debilitating it can be if you are the person who is experiencing depression. It also doesn't describe h...



    Oct 20

    A genealogical web site maintained by is It has been established for many years and offers researchers several options. First, a family tree can be created and saved on the site. Next, there are numerous databases to do research online with Some of their long-standing databases include: World Fami...


  • Our Family Tree

    Oct 20

    Our Family Tree is a free online genealogy database program where anyone can submit suggested updates to existing branches, or add their own branches. The site keeps all submitted data in one common tree, avoiding all duplicates between researchers. Some of the special features include pedigrees, descendant charts, Google map integration, duplicat...


  • A Beginner’s Genealogy Questions

    Oct 18

    With so Many People having already done research, wouldn’t there already be a book written on my Family History? There are thousands of published and unpublished family histories in various localities. Regional and local genealogy societies get donations of family histories. Public libraries and the Library of Congress also have a collection o...