• Late 1800s- Collecting Fine China to Preserve Heritage

    Oct 5

    After the American Civil War ended in 1865, and into the 1870s to 1890s, things were changing for our ancestors. Many more immigrants were arriving, industry was expanding, and America celebrated their 100th anniversary in 1876, so many people were looking back at their heritage especially if their ancestors had lived in the colonial era or d...


  • ‘Know Thyself’

    Apr 29

    This is known as 'self-awareness' to better known one's own values, interests and background. One of the best methods to learn more about yourself is to investigate your ancestors and what path they took that led eventually to you and what you have done in life. You might have an interest in either art painting or a deep appreciation of wor...


  • Need Motivation—Reasons to Do Your Family History

    Sep 21

    Genealogy can be a hobby, a curiosity or something much more – and there are lots of reasons why people decide to investigate their own histories and ancestors. Here are a few motivational ideas. There might be a distribution of an ancestor's estate in the future and you may need to prove lineage. Anniversaries of major historical ...


  • Descendant’s Day

    Jun 29

    Since 1997 this last Sunday in the month of June, named 'Descendant's Day, has been recognized to showcase descendants, which we all are to our ancestors. It began in the Tennessee House of Representatives on Sept. 11, 1996. You can be a descendant of any ancestors – great grandaunt, 3rd cousin, gr gr grandfather, etc. Remember, se...


  • Digital Collections

    Jan 3

    America’s vast libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural heritage institutions have contributed to the Digital Public Library of America. All of the materials (over 30 million) found through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)—photographs, books, maps, news footage, oral histories, personal letters, museum objects, artwork, gove...


  • One Photo Story

    Dec 9

    Be ready for the Christmas season with relatives by locating one or two special vintage photos of a family member who would be present with the rest of the family during the holiday. It might be your Mom, a great uncle, a cousin, or an older brother. Find a special older photo of that person, more of a casual and candid shot, doing anything. In fa...


  • Hugs and Kisses

    Nov 9

    You surely have come across ancestor's letters and cards which had at least one or two 'X's' and 'Os' on them We all recognize those marks / symbols as 'hugs and kisses'. Yet, how did that practice or custom begin? The "X" on letters stands for 'kisses', which dates back to the Middle Ages (about 500 AD to 1500 AD) in Europe. Back then the practic...


  • Ancestorville

    Oct 31

    Using the online auction and sale site of eBay is wonderful to possibility locating a lost family photo or heirloom. There is a similar site known as 'Ancestorville'. Debra Clifford as an antique dealer sees thousands of family photos all the time and knew there had to be a method to reunite these items with family members. So on the online site ...


  • Directory of Surnames

    Oct 27

    It is great to have at your fingertips a directory of information. Using the online source 'Genealogy Today' they have a listing of many family surnames. When you click on a specific surname there will be a listing of well-known individuals with that name and their life, and then a long list of directories with members names including the one you a...


  • Family Tree Templates

    Oct 23

    The presentation is everything. Once you have gathered quite a few of ancestors on your family tree, you may want to start sharing and displaying those relatives on a family tree. True, you will still be gathering and correcting but it does give you the incentive to keep going once you see those names and dates in a nice displayed tree. So online ...