• Unlikely Occupations in the 21st Century

    Jun 25

    It can be fascinating to look back and attempt to see what occupations our ancestors performed. In the various census records you do see 'laborer' quite frequently -- which could be a variety of jobs. Another common listing is a farm worker since most people in the 18th and 19th centuries and earlier lived on a farm. However, even into the early 2...


  • Why Work on Your Family Tree?

    Jun 23

    That can be a big problem until you stop to see the advantages of doing your family tree. First, it helps you to realize where you came from and learn about the fascinating experiences that brought you to where you are now. You are a product of those who came before you. The decisions they made a hundred years ago, have determined where you lived ...


  • Bible Records Database – DAR

    Jun 21

    One of the important research sources are found in the family Bibles - the record pages of births-marriages and deaths. Here one or more family members over the years the Bible was held by the family made a written record (sometimes the only record) of major family events such as birth dates, marriage ceremonies and death dates along with those i...


  • N & S Carolina Death Certificates 1906-1943

    Jun 11

    A free to use database on deaths that occurred in North Carolina between 1906 and 1930 is available online through American Ancestors. This being online allows you to view the scanned death certificate. On it would be date of death, person's full name, where they died, of what causes, their age and birth date along with other relative's names, s...


  • Tennessee4Me

    Jun 7

    If you have ancestors from Tennessee and especially if they were in the state during the American Civil War, you are in luck. The online site 'Tennessee4Me' has a great deal of information and some photos related to those during the 1860s in Tennessee. There is a search box in the upper right corner that can help you get started with a town's na...


  • An Ancestor on the RMS Lusitania?

    May 21

      The most famous ship to sink was the Titanic in April 1912. However, the second most famous was the RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915 when it was hit by tornadoes from German submarines during World War One. There were 1,960 passengers / crew on that ship in its 202nd crossing of the Atlantic from New York City to Liverpool, England. After its s...


  • How Old Might They Be??

    May 13

    You have that collection of vintage photos of your ancestors -- only question on many was when was that photo taken. Sometimes using the clothing style, other relatives in the photo with known age at a certain time period, or a house in the background, you might be able to figure an date (the person's age). Now available is an interesting and fun ...


  • Caribbean and West Indies

    May 7

      The Caribbean Islands, also known as the West Indies, are just to the southeast of Florida and the United States. Many people have an ancestral connection with islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, etc. The history of these islands having been under Spanish, Dutch, and English (and other nations) governmental c...


  • Preservation of Family Artifacts

    May 5

    There can be so many vintage and even recent family artifacts that need to be preserved now the correct method. Here is a list of items you may not of thought of saving: Photos, Documents (deeds, Wills, certificates, records), Clothing (textiles), Recordings (cassettes, tapes), Slides (photo), Scrapbooks, Movie Film (videos), Journals, Diaries, L...


  • Just One Photo

    Apr 17

    Your family history is more than names and dates; it is the stories, travels, events, tragedies, and celebrations that all people have throughout their life. The problem can be learning about those personal events, especially for those relatives that have passed away. Finding those special stories or events can be a challenge. Here is one method. ...