• England in ‘Color’

    Apr 15

    With digital photography we can forget having color photos was a rarity decades ago. This site, Mashable, offers up a variety of color photos of people and locations in England in 1928. It is fascinating to see the vehicles, businesses and especially the fashion of England in the 'Roaring Twenties', especially in color. As you scroll down the site...


  • Boston Athenaeum

    Apr 13

    Begun in 1807, the Boston Athenæum in the heart of the city is one of the oldest and most distinguished independent libraries and cultural institutions in the United States. It is also known as the 19th Century Library and Art Museum. It has numerous collections of various items. Most have been made digital and are available on the Boston Athena...


  • Photo Types in the late 1800s

    Apr 11

      A very common type of photo produced in the 19th century were carte-de-viste (CDVs). They were first introduced in the 1850s in Paris, France by Andre Adolphe Eugene Disderi. CDVs became very popular in both the United States and Europe until the turn of the 20th century. The method to identify a CDV is by size first. They run 4 inches by ...


  • Write About You in World Events

    Apr 7

      You love finding information and photos on your ancestors, did it occur to you that YOUR own life story, including those historical moments, need to be written down for future generations. Who better to recount events that yourself who lived it. No matter what achievements you have made even over just ten years are worth noting. Add to tha...


  • Civil War Writings – Letters Home

    Apr 5

      Most people will find at least one ancestor on their tree who served in some form during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Since people are fascinated with this time frame in American history, many archives and records have been saved over the decades. A good online resource is Civil War Archives.com. This site has Union and Confederate ...


  • New York Records

    Apr 3

      The large state of New York with its long history may be the home at one time or another of some of your distant relatives. As you examine the family tree, if you locate a few ancestors from New York or even those who lived in a bordering state to New York, you will want to look over the New York Record Archives online site. Especially if ...


  • German Immigrants

    Mar 31

      Besides English and Irish heritage, many people in the United States have a German heritage. It many be in only one family branch or in nearly all the branches. It might go back centuries since many with a German cultural background came to United States while it was still an English colony in the 1700s to get a new life in a new land. Usi...


  • Hometown Vintage Postcards

    Mar 29

    Your ancestral hometown, where your grandparents grew up in, might look quite different today. Many former small towns have become large towns or cities by the 21st century. So what method can you get a true sense of what the community was like that your ancestors lived in? One of the best ways is through vintage postcards, once the main form of...


  • Irish Genealogy Toolbox

    Mar 17

      Your 'Irish Eyes' are smiling ! For those researching with ancestors from the Isle of Ireland; whether the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom), there is an online site able to offer some direction in your quest. Using 'Irish Genealogy Toolbox' web site, free advice and resources are offered to those seeki...


  • Which Term is Correct?

    Mar 7

    Even if you have been doing family history research for years, there are a few terms or phrases that can still be misspelled or misused. Here are some examples of the wrong and right words. 1. The word 'cemetery' – a location for burials of humans. You may have seen it spelled 'cemetary' – the letter 'a' near the end is not correct.   ...