• The Outlandish and Unusual Given Names

    Feb 23

    The current 21st century practice of many celebrities and common folks to give their infants some very strange and unusual given names is NOT a new event. Rather it has been going on since given names have been used. In fact checking your own family lineage may reveal a few odd names also. Some names at one time would have been quite common and ...


  • Need a Reason WHY to Research Your Family Tree?

    Feb 21

    You may have been asked on more than one occasion why you are bothering to spend time and money to gather information on your family lineage. Of course genealogy, family research is a very old practice and was very necessary at one time just for specific families to determine property ownership and royal lineages. Really over the last 150 years h...


  • Family Researchers – Use of Time. Try these Six Steps…

    Feb 20

      Everyone needs to set aside time to work on their family tree. It can make a lasting contribution to knowing our ancestral lineage and definitely additional information more about those relatives who helped get us where we are today. Nothing helps be more productive then having a few suggestions of how to wisely use your time in relationsh...


  • What are your Genealogy Resolutions?

    Dec 24

    The end of the year inspires people to make some New Year's Resolutions. People who love genealogy can make some genealogy resolutions instead. What would you like to accomplish in the upcoming year? Take the time to write down some of your genealogy related goals. Doing so is the first step towards accomplishing them. What should your new genea...


  • Did You Think To Ask?

    Nov 25

    Thanksgiving is in two days, and you will be visiting with different family members over the next few days or by the December holiday season. So this is your opportunity, don't miss it. Focus on one or a couple different relatives to ask the following - the most often forgotten questions to make the family history more complete. Be prepared befo...


  • Comical Family History Sayings

    Oct 5

    Every hobby or occupation has its funny and humorous sayings -- genealogy (family history) is no exception. Here is a sampling and see how many describe you and your family research to a 'T'. Genealogy is all about 'chasing your tale.' If your family members won’t talk about a particular relative (a black sheep) that means it is really int...


  • Props in Photos – Real Life?

    Oct 1

    When gathering, scanning then labeling your vintage photos, don't always believe everything in a photo, especially those before and just after the beginning of the 20th century. It was quite common to have one's portrait or a group family photo taken by a photographer and props were added. There might be a radio in the scene, but the family didn't...


  • Let Me Ask You This, Grandma

    Sep 27

    Stop - Make the Time to ask certain family related questions of your parents and grandparents before it becomes to late. However, there is a right way to approach a relative so they don't feel overwhelmed. First, they may not feel like talking about themselves - being modest is a big factor. So start slow and do have patience. Always explain why...


  • Early Oregon-‘Go West’

    Sep 15

    'Go west young man' was the popular saying of the 1850s-1890s and for many individuals and families that meant going to the Pacific west coast of the United States and settling in Oregon. A special route was established known as the Oregon Trail, which provided the safest path to the west. It went from eastern Kansas, some 2,200 miles, to the Pacif...


  • Check-Off List — Part 2

    Jul 2

    Keeping a list of specific research techniques and resources is important. Back in March 2013 for FamilyTree.com (Check-off List -Ten ideas to check off your Genealogy Check List!) on the first ten suggestions for your list were offered. The following are ten new additional ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check them of...