• Make a Neat Gallery of Words / Names

    May 7

    A fun activity you can do by yourself or with the family is a gallery in different shapes and sizes all containing a collection of names, words, events, etc -- whatever you select. The online site Tagxedo helps you create an interesting design and you put what you want in it. You can select different fonts and colors. Experiment with it. Start wi...


  • Sixty-five Years Ago

    Apr 27

    On this date, 65 years ago, a Wednesday, my parents were married in Bay County, Florida. The groom was a Captain in the United States Air Force and the bride was a LT in the Women's Army Corps. As you can imagine they met on a military base. It had been November 1948 in Virginia and they both had just voted on the base in that presidential election...


  • What to Ask a Relative

    Mar 1

    Never miss an opportunity to interview or sit down and talk to a relative, even if they are about your same age, there just might be family information, names and even a few stories or two you have never heard about. Don't start with "Tell me everything you know on the family." That is too broad and won't start you on the right foot with this re...


  • Wellcome Library Photographic Collection

    Feb 19

    So many new and once forgotten photographs are being scanned and made digital so they can then be shared around the globe. The newest collection available is from the Wellcome Library in the United Kingdom. There are two major categories: Historical Images and Contemporary Images. You can select either or both and then place a keyword, hometown ...


  • So Cute & So True. Lighthearted Genealogy Sayings.

    Feb 17

    Sometimes placing a little humor about a preoccupation a person has, makes it easier for others to understand that obsession. So the following are just a few lighthearted sayings and observations about all of us who love working on our family tree. A genealogist’s filing system usually incorporates the floor. Genealogists don’t get Alzhei...


  • On Track with Family Research

    Feb 9

    It is so easy to get 'lost' in your family research. The more names you come up with the more you want to find and sometimes you can be so distracted you are off course. So here are a few tips to get you back on the right direction. 1. Go back over what you do have already. Sometimes you 'forgot' what you had and no sense researching that birth...


  • Scanned Documents. Jewish Federation of North America.

    Jan 23

    The Jewish Federation of North America have a database of searchable names, with over half a millions names in the index. They come a variety of sources and cover many time periods. There are the Jewish Refugees Arriving in Australia via Melbourne, 1946-1954, Refugees in Zbaszyn, Poland in 1938-1939, Transmigration Records, Palestine Remittance...


  • Different Languages

    Dec 30

    Our ancestors have a rich and varied heritage, most coming from places across the globe in just the last hundred years. With the numerous cultures comes the various languages and even forms of a language, such as British English has phrases different that might be used in America. Having a method to go over and investigate some key phrases an...


  • Irish vs American-English Words / Phrases

    Dec 24

    Those with full Irish heritage may already familiar with many of the Irish words and terms and what they mean. However, there are individuals with less than full Irish blood that may have no idea what some common Irish terms mean. Here are a few words and phrases used today in Ireland. Runners -- why they are the sneakers you use to walk or r...


  • Family History Sayings

    Dec 7

    A reminder, people have been interested in their family history for hundreds of years. Early on the purpose was for land and property rights; who was the rightful heir to an inheritance, or who was to become royalty. These reasons can still be important now, however more people have joined in the search for those ancestors of long ago to better un...