• Ethnic Origins in America

    Nov 12

    We sometimes think of all of us as Americans, which we are. However, doing your family tree you also think in terms of your family's homeland - its ethnic origin. It interesting to review the make-up and sheer numbers of of the different ethnic groups in the United States. The largest in numbers are those Americans of German background. With the...


  • Gravestone Images in the United Kingdom

    Oct 30

    Being hundreds of years old, there are many long standing cemeteries throughout the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). With many of us having ancestors from the British Isles, it is a bonus to have several online listing of cemeteries and images of gravestones available, saving us a trip overseas. Starting with Grave...


  • Slave and African-Americans on Documents

    Oct 8

    The Virginia Historical Society had put a collection together for African-Americans who have lived in the state over the centuries. They have over 8 million items in the collection. One of their recent databases titled Unknown No Longer', has unpublished historical records with as much biographical detail as remains of the enslaved Virginians, inc...


  • Vintage British Films – BFI Films

    Oct 4

    Photos of hometowns and people are great, but even better are vintage films, action of people and events as it happened. The BFI Films has quite a collection of such vintage films, many dating back to the 1890s, showing royalty and common people of the United Kingdom. They have a simple search box, where you select which format you wish to see (inc...


  • Who Would You Like to Talk to??

    Oct 2

    All the time spent doing the research, gathering vital records and creating as complete as possible your family tree, has it ever crossed your mind that you would have liked to meet one or two of your ancestors? Yes, some of our ancestors, great aunts, grandparents you may have known, even as a child, however there well be many others that you have...


  • Photo Collection from Australia

    Sep 30

    The Powerhouse Museum is located in Sydney, Australia. Here they have a large collection of all things, including photos with ties to the people and events of Australia. This online site features many of the photos from the Powerhouse Museum. They are grouped into 49 topics or sets. Some examples of topics include: daguerrotypes, studio photos, rur...


  • Feet & Toes

    Sep 28

    There are new and modern methods, using your DNA, to determine your earliest heritage background. However, there are also theories of other methods to help determine your genetic make-up. It is as simple as looking at your feet and toes. In case you never noticed, people do have different structure especially when it comes to their toes. Yes, th...


  • Making of America – 19th Century

    Sep 12

    You may have a long line of ancestors who were born, marriage and lived during some part of the 19th century (1800s). There is a web site, "Making of America" that concentrates on just that time frame. With some 10,000 books and 50,000 journal articles with 19th century imprints, all in a digital format. Much of the material is from the University ...


  • California Birth Indexes 1905-1995

    Aug 31

    Having online databases has made some aspect of family history research much easier. It is still good to have the actual copy of vital records by requesting from the state or county for a birth, marriage or death records. The California Birth Index has made it easy for a research to even know if a birth record exists for a relative. The Califor...


  • Physical Characteristics of an Ancestor. 6 Steps to Discovery:

    Aug 15

    Oh, how you wish sometimes you had some photo of an ancestor. You have gathered information about their life, but have no idea what they look like. Did they have a round face, were they tall, have blue eyes and is it possible you look like them?   There are a few¬†sources to turn to that might help provide some general physical cha...