• Alternative Family History Images

    Jul 6

    As you put together the family tree, a family newsletter, or even the entire family history in book form, the greatest challenge will be finding illustrations or photos of your family. Some individuals are very fortunate to have a massive collection of images handed down through the generations, others have little or nothing to view. Or you might h...


  • Missouri Digital Records

    Jun 14

    The 'Show Me State' is Missouri in the heartlands of the America. This area became one of the major settlements for frontier pioneers in the 1830s to 1850s. You could easily have numerous ancestors who lived in Missouri at one time or another. To assist those researching the State of Missouri has many of their archives in digital form and online...


  • Tips for Writing that Family History

    Jun 12

    You might think you can't write the family history, but really you can, the key is to start simple. The main purpose is to get the information (names, dates, places, events) down in some written form. Yes, you have the family tree, but remember your family history is much more than names and dates. You really need to preserve the events, accomplis...


  • London – 1841 to 1901

    May 29

    There are always so many new and different collections put together as databases, the selection many times appears staggering. One that is quite different and could prove to be very useful to some in their family history research centers around the grand city of London in England and goes from 1841 to 1901. It is a database of names of individuals ...


  • The New Deal and Our Ancestors

    Apr 9

    Many of our recent ancestors and relatives lived through America's Great Depression and the Roosevelt's New Deal program. Most people today are aware of the massive economic collapse (1929-1933) across the country during those years of the Great Depression, but few really understand what the New Deal (1933-1938) was comprised of for our ancestors. ...


  • New Techniques for Saving Memories

    Apr 7

    The treasured diary, journal, letter, document, and photo are so very important in learning more about one's family and ancestors. If names, dates, and stories of events are captured at the time or even years later, they are very helpful to a researcher / a family descendant in the future. One of the best resources I located for my family research ...


  • The 1930s Writers’ Project

    Mar 18

    One of the many New Deal projects to help get people back to work during he 1930s Great Depression was the WPA (Works Project Administration) for writers. One was named 'Folklore Project' and the other 'Federal Writers' Project'. This paid writing assignment put over 6,500 men and women around the country to work, paying them a subsistence wage ...


  • Heirlooms Missing?

    Feb 27

    There are a couple heirloom exchange and locating of orphaned family artifacts. The exchange done by JustaJoy (JustaJoy Historical Treasures) which tries to match family historians with long lost family heirlooms. As is most often the case, with the thousands of antique dealers across the country, they could be holding some family treasure. Problem...


  • 100th Anniversary of a Town / City

    Feb 3

    Every year there are countless celebrations and anniversaries of towns, cities, counties, and historical events across America. Between 2011 and 2015 the country has and will be holding many programs to recount the people and events surrounding the American Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Such programs which include ...


  • October – Family History Month

    Oct 2

    What a perfect opportunity to start, refresh, expand, publish, share or investigate your family tree during the month of October, which is recognized as Family History Month. If you have been coming up with excuses for not starting or further pursuing the family search, now is a great opportunity to rekindle the 'fire'. One way is to buddy up wi...