• Writing Family Memoirs

    Sep 15

    Well you are now at the point after researching information about your ancestors that you want to create a written family memoir. That is a good idea. Remember you can always be finding additional information on a relative and it can be added later. Getting started and not putting off the opportunity is key. So here are some ideas and approaches...


  • WDYTYA – Next Episode is Feb. 24th

    Feb 16

    No episode this Friday, February 17th, the next one is the following Friday, February 24th with the actor Blair Underwood on NBC at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.  There were many surprises in store for Underwood as he journeyed to his original roots in the continent of Africa and then to his southern roots in America. There is always something ne...


  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day the Genealogical Way

    Feb 13

    Besides seeing the unusual aspect of the name ‘Valentine’ as a given or surname in genealogy, this February holiday is also a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about any family ancestors or relatives who were born or married on or near Valentine’s Day.  If you see a couple who married around that date, it was more than likely rel...


  • Google Alerts and Reader

    Jan 30

    With so much digital information available these days we have to stay organized or we could miss out on some new and worthwhile information. The Google search engine offers Google Alerts, an efficient method of being reminded when a topic, a surname, an article, a keyword of interest becomes available on the Internet. Instead of you taking time onc...


  • A Close-up Look at Records of London, England

    Jan 24

    The largest city in England, that of London, has been a major factor in millions of English citizens lives for centuries.  Even if you had an ancestor from another portion of England they were affected by what was done in London. The online site, London Lives, is so intriguing, rich in tens of thousands of manuscripts and fifteen databases to p...


  • Finding the Changing Boundaries of Counties

    Jan 20

    When attempting to narrow down hometowns for our ancestors you will quickly see that some towns no longer exist, were incorporated into another town, had a name change or is now part of a different county.  When looking about the name and location of a county, it is boundaries that have changed the most over the decades within the United States. ...


  • Polish-American Ancestors in World War One

    Jan 8

    There can be numerous unknown events our ancestors were part of that can only be learned with a little additional research. One fact is that many Americans wanted to fight in Europe beginning in 1914 during the Great War (World War One) because that was their native homeland.  Only problem was that the United States did not enter the war until Apr...


  • America’s Joyous Music. National Jukebox.

    Dec 30

    The Library of Congress has such a vast storehouse of all things relating to America’s people, events and history. Not to be forgotten is the collection of music that our ancestors played, danced, listened or sang to over the decades. At the online site for the Library of Congress is the National Jukebox with some 10,000 of the recordings anyone ...


  • Christmas Traditions from Around the World – Part 1

    Dec 23

    In doing your family history research it is an opportunity to see how much your life style, briefs and traditions are influenced by the ethnic and cultural practices from other countries. What better opportunity than with the family favorite Christmas traditions. Here are some examples of customs at Christmas and where they originated. From Mexi...


  • Pandemics and Your Ancestors-Part 2 – 20th Century

    Dec 14

    By the early 1900s there was a sharp decline in diphtheria and influenza.  With use of vaccination, smallpox was much less a threat. Areas were being cleaned up. The medicine sciences were learning the causes and treatments for some diseases. Yet, there would still be some major pandemics.  In Hawaii and then San Francisco the citizens suffered a...