• The Lavender Scare May Have Affected Your Relatives

    Jun 14

    The National Archives posted an article titled “These People Are Frightened to Death”. It was written by Judith Adkins in 2016. The article is about the Lavender Scare that caused harm to people who who were “in the closet” in the 1940s. Some of your relatives or ancestors may have been negatively affected by this. Here are some exc...


  • HistoryLInes – Adding Real Historical Events to the Family Tree

    Jun 21

    You have begun to gather the basic information on some of your ancestors. Just getting the correct birth date, marriage date and death date plus locations can be difficult. As you manage to gather the information you find you want to learn more about their life or at least events around them. So now there is the new online program titled “His...


  • George Washington & Mount Vernon

    May 25

    As one does their own family tree, it can be interesting to explore about famous individuals and their lives. It helps to better understand certain historical periods in history that those famous people lived as well as your own family members. A great person to start with is President George Washington. Born Feb. 22, 1732 in the Colony of Virg...


  • Your Ancestors Knew These Facts

    Jun 9

    Sometimes there are everyday items that today we don't understand why it happens. Yet, our ancestors generally, even if uneducated knew the reason and why. Here are some examples of some interesting facts known by your ancestors: Three items: Juicy Fruit gum, an early version of Cracker Jack, and the Ferris Wheel all made their debuts a...


  • Self-Isolation / Quarantined – Write

    Apr 1

    With it now April 1st, you may have already been self-isolated or quarantined for some time plus additional time into April. Here is a great idea to produce a historical record for future generations of this time – not just the events in your state or nation, but you personally or that of your family members. Write down what it has been li...


  • Where Were Your Ancestors during a Historic Event?

    Aug 25

    Researching about your ancestors, going back generations is quite exciting and you never know what you will uncover. Of course, it is not just gathering names, dates, and locations, your ancestors experienced so many things during their lives. Trying to find those events and happenings they were directly involved with can be the most difficult ...


  • Google – History as Illustrated

    Aug 23

    Being able to identify some of the notable historical events in America and the world can really add to your family history. It helps to have a basic overview of some of those major historical events along with available illustrations and photos. Google has done that with its Historical Events page. There are three different methods to search a...


  • Journals

    Dec 1

    Journals are not just the written thoughts of an individual as you would think a diary is for sure. There have been many professional journals on all types of topics and time frames. Found on the online Internet Archives site, you have access to thousands of such journals, over 1.7 million. When researching your family, select topics such as their...


  • Families and County Histories

    Oct 21

    Do you need another location previously not checked to learn more about your family? How about the hometown county history. Most (not all counties) in a variety of states have written up their county history. Well, a county's history is made up of its residents. So once you know a time frame and a hometown county for a family branch, you can start...


  • One Ancestor at a Time

    Jun 27

    Sometimes it may seem a bit overwhelming – so many family tree branches – so many ancestors. Once you have a basic start with yourself, then your parents and then grandparents, select one of them, say your grandmother and make a one to two page fact-filled, at-a-glance summary of your ancestor’s life. This can then be easily put together, mad...