• So Cute & So True. Lighthearted Genealogy Sayings.

    Feb 17

    Sometimes placing a little humor about a preoccupation a person has, makes it easier for others to understand that obsession. So the following are just a few lighthearted sayings and observations about all of us who love working on our family tree. A genealogist’s filing system usually incorporates the floor. Genealogists don’t get Alzhei...


  • British Newspapers from 1700 to 1999

    Feb 11

    Newspapers are really the life blood of a community, town or city -- covering about events, places and people in that town. This is why finding newspapers from a certain area where our ancestors lived and then seeing if there was ever an article about that person or a family member can provide such additional information for you research. If you...


  • History Pin

    Jan 31

    Part of learning about your ancestors, their lives and their journeys is learning about the history and places they experienced. To know you relative better, you do have to know about the times they lived, what happened that may have directly affect them and what was the hometown like for them to live in. Now online is a web site title 'History...


  • FamilySearch-18th Century

    Jan 9

    One of the time frames difficult to research ones ancestors is the late 18th century (1750 to 1799). Records were not always kept and events marked down. Using the FamilySearch online database, it can be one of the best resources for that time period. By using their 'Records' and narrowing the search to the United States from 1750 to 1799 there...


  • Rock Island County, Illinois

    Jan 5

    The history and people of Rock Island County go back to 1831. The name came from an island in the Mississippi River. The early settlers to this area approved formation of a county government and held their first county election on July 5, 1833. But who were those early settlers, who were the movers and shakers in that frontier region? It just mig...


  • U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC)

    Dec 26

    The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC)  makes historical materials available for use to support the U.S. Army, educate an international audience, and honor Soldiers (men and women)- past and present. They have several categories which are covered from military history to a fine archive made in digital format and assess-able onlin...


  • Database ‘Treasure Chest’

    Dec 6

    With the use of the Internet along with the interest in genealogy and many records made digital, the use of online databases is necessary. At FamilyTree.com in the 'Reviews' section is a run down of 14 of great databases to select from, some with a fee and others free. All are general and can be of help with most any researcher. To add to that ...


  • Online Books

    Dec 2

    Libraries are an excellent source especially for books on a hometown, historical events or even biographies on individuals. Many such books were written during the time period or just after a specific ancestor lived in that town. Yet getting to the hometown library could be difficult. Using Online Books, this site has thousands of books scanned ...


  • Basic Ideas When Doing Family History

    Nov 14

    There are some key ideas and concepts anyone doing family history research should keep in mind. Each could save you time and frustration. 1. Never believe as the truth 100% of the family legends, tall tales or stories. There might be some truth, but most of the time the stories are just that, fiction stories, which got changed and made-up over t...


  • Missed June 1880 to June 1900

    Nov 2

    Here is a thought that may not have occurred to you while your work on your family tree. You might have an ancestor who was born June 1, 1880, the date of the US Federal Census for 1880 and for whatever reason, died the June 1, 1900 US Federal Census. Yes, they would have been on the June 2, 1890 US Federal Census, but a reminder, most of that cen...