• Marking a Major Ancestral Anniversary

    Sep 29

    I'm remembering and marking the 100th anniversary of when by paternal great grandparents came to the shores of America. In spite of being married they actually came at two different dates. My gr grandfather, George William Kershaw, arrived to the Port of Boston on August 14, 1912. He had lived his whole life, born in Hulme, Chorlton, Manchester, L...


  • Writing Family Memoirs

    Sep 15

    Well you are now at the point after researching information about your ancestors that you want to create a written family memoir. That is a good idea. Remember you can always be finding additional information on a relative and it can be added later. Getting started and not putting off the opportunity is key. So here are some ideas and approaches...


  • Patriot Day 9/11

    Sep 11

    With such a national tragedy as occurred on Sept. 11, 2001 in New York City, Washington, D. C. and the fields of southwestern Pennsylvania, everyone's lives were deeply affected. Now that it is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, some people may be ready to talk more about their feelings and reactions that day and the weeks that followed. ...


  • Historical Events that Happened on Birthdays & Anniversaries

    Aug 27

    As you go about gathering information on birth-marriage-death dates for your ancestors, keep a running list of some of those dates.  Interesting aspects to add to the family stories, once you start putting them together, are any intriguing and beguiling historical events or occurrences that happened the same day-same year.  Even if you can’t lo...


  • The Faces of Child Labor

    Aug 19

    It is hard to imagine that for decades in America and other countries, children served as a major backbone to much of the work done on farms, in coal mines and factories.  Your ancestor may well have been a part of that massive group.  It was not uncommon for children at age 10 and up working, not attending school, to help support the family inco...


  • WorldGenWeb Project

    Aug 11

    If you have not reviewed this online site, WorldGenWeb Project, you need to check it out. Being world - it does have genealogical sources from all the continents. Their archives come from public domain records and placed for free use on the Internet. You begin by clicking on the continent you are interested in examining. There will be a list of nat...


  • Remembering My Mother – the WAC

    Aug 9

    An example of writing up a life event (based on an interview, vital records, newspapers and photos) about an ancestor is the following, my mother, the WAC, done for her birthday anniversary. Nan M. Everhart was born August 9, 1915 in Frederick, Maryland and came from a long family history of military service to the United States.  Some ancestor...


  • John Punch / Bunch – Obama’s Kin

    Jul 31

    Many expert genealogists have worked for years to try and piece together the family history of U. S. President Barack Obama. It has not been an easy task considering one side of the family (his mother) has a long family history in North America and the other side (his father) comes from Kenya in the continent of Africa. You may feel your lineage ha...


  • Internet Archive

    Jul 28

    The best aspect of the World-Wide Web over the last 20 years has been the instant availability of all types of data, photos, notes, records, documents, newspapers, magazines, etc. at our finger tips.  This great revolution in technology is not just a wonderful asset for family history researchers, but of course for any field of knowledge. There is...


  • Historical Celebrations & Events on the 4th of July

    Jul 4

    The country marks the 4th of July every year to celebrate America’s independence.  What types of celebrations and significant events on July 4th might our ancestors experienced over the decades? First, not until the independence was won could the new country really rejoice. So the first country-wide party marking the independence was July 4, ...