• Why So Many Polish People Came to Chicago

    Dec 8

    It has been said that Chicago has more Polish people living in it than Warsaw does. It turns out this particular piece of passed around wisdom simply isn't true. Even so, it is clear that Chicago does have a large population of people who have Polish heritage. Why did so many Polish people come to Chicago? It isn't factual to say that Chicago ha...


  • FamilyTree.com Tool Kit – Christmas

    Dec 3

    Genealogists can find a whole lot of connections between genealogy and Christmas. Stories about how ancestors and relatives celebrate the holiday have become part of your family history. Your family's heritage might be reflected in certain Christmas foods and decorations. In addition, genealogists might be looking for gift ideas for the other genea...


  • FamilyTree.com Tool Kit – Politics

    Nov 4

    Genealogy and politics are starting to cross over each other. In the past, people were inspired to begin working on their family tree in the hopes that they would discover that they came from royalty. Today, there could be people hoping to discover that they are related to a President, Senator, or other representative. Politics colors the backgr...


  • Finding Working Ancestors

    Oct 19

      [caption id="attachment_13218" align="alignleft" width="300"] Charity ward Guys Hospital[/caption] One of the most important aspects about your ancestors that you really need to locate and verify are the jobs, businesses or occupation they had in their lives. Typically, for most relatives it was the same type of job they had their whole ...


  • Could Genetics Shape Your Political Beliefs?

    Sep 28

    Do you come from a family that has always voted for a particular political party? There could be a genetic reason that influences people toward one political party and away from an opposing one. That being said, a person's political beliefs can also be influenced by how their parents presented their own political beliefs. Genealogists might disc...


  • A Brief History of Dolls

    Sep 14

    Children have been playing with dolls for centuries. It is a toy that is often given to girls, but is recently becoming more acceptable for boys to play with dolls, too. The way dolls look has changed over the years, and some people find them to be creepy! One of the oldest known dolls was a Roman one that was made in Egypt somewhere between the...


  • Histopolis Site

    Sep 7

    This site, 'Histopolis' is a free collaborative of Genealogy & History - a bit like an encyclopedia, not everything, but a little bit of interesting information. On the homepage to the left are the categories: cemeteries, surnames, graves, states, town surveys, etc. It covers the United States and Puerto Rico with information on places and pe...


  • 19th Century Slang Forgotten

    Sep 5

    Every era has its own way of expressing emotions or events. Some of those regional or national expressions or slang words remain in present-day vocabulary, but most are dropped over the decades. The following are from newspapers during the 1800s (19th century). A few are a bit strange, but were considered accepted at the time. Here are some for...


  • Mixing in History

    Aug 3

    You are gathering the names, dates and hometowns of members on your family tree. You might also want to step your research up to learn more on each individual or family, their occupations, skills, religious beliefs, etc. However, to really better understand the life in whatever time frame you are examining you have to view your ancestors in a hi...


  • Photos Around the Globe

    Jul 1

    The online site of 'Fortepan' has a collection of over 51,868 photos from around the globe and dating back to the late 1890s and early 20th century. Any of the high resolution photos can be downloaded to your computer. There are descriptions along with a time frame for each. The variety is tremendous of images of buildings, streets, rural areas...