• MyHeritage Launched Collection of Old Books

    Jan 27

    There is something special about old books. Many of them are no longer in print and cannot be ordered from your local bookstore or found at your local library. Genealogy societies and organizations might have their own collection of old books, which may not be accessible to those who don't belong to the group. MyHeritage has launched a collection o...


  • Reasons We have a Longer Lifespan than our Ancestors

    Jan 26

    According to the National Institute on Aging, most babies who were born in 1900 did not live past the age of 50. Today, people may live to be 80 years old. There are several reasons why we have a longer lifespan than our ancestors did. Childhood Vaccines The World Health Organization (WHO) states that immunization averts an estimated 2 to 3 mil...


  • Location of Hangings of the 1692 Victims Accursed as Witches

    Jan 20

    It has been recently confirmed through careful research of the exact location back in 1692 where a number of local Salem citizens were sentenced as witches (males and females), some hung and others sent to prison. Their trials were held in February 1692 and the hangings done in the summer months. The hanging site, known as Proctor’s Ledge, is a...


  • Identifying Those Who Sank on the USS Oklahoma

    Jan 19

    The USS Oklahoma was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. A total of 429 men died when the ship capsized. The remains were recovered in 1943, but identification proved to be impossible at the time. Today, there is an effort being made to re-examine the bones and identify the those who sank on the USS Oklahoma. The USS Oklahoma as on ...


  • Histography Puts Historic Events on a Timeline

    Jan 6

    Genealogists often focus on locating the vital records of their ancestors. Much effort is spent on trying to sort out where to put each ancestor on the family tree. These are both worthwhile activities. However, it leaves out a big piece of what your ancestor's life may have been like. Histography can help you fill in that part of the story. His...


  • Pick a Historical Event

    Jan 3

      An online site 'Histography' helps you see, using a time line, different major historical events - most over a 400-year period. There are an assortment of categories: women's rights, inventions, music, wars, literature, etc to select from and explore. Just use the computer mouse to slide the cursor along the time line from left to right an...


  • Events 100 Years Ago – Jan. and February 1916

    Jan 1

    The century mark, 100 years ago, your ancestors led very different lives from you in 2016. Yet, many times it was specific events that may have shaped their lives then and in the future. January: Look back 100 years, during the month of January: Europe had been at war for two years already. The United States would enter that war by 1917. Memb...


  • Why So Many Polish People Came to Chicago

    Dec 8

    It has been said that Chicago has more Polish people living in it than Warsaw does. It turns out this particular piece of passed around wisdom simply isn't true. Even so, it is clear that Chicago does have a large population of people who have Polish heritage. Why did so many Polish people come to Chicago? It isn't factual to say that Chicago ha...


  • FamilyTree.com Tool Kit – Christmas

    Dec 3

    Genealogists can find a whole lot of connections between genealogy and Christmas. Stories about how ancestors and relatives celebrate the holiday have become part of your family history. Your family's heritage might be reflected in certain Christmas foods and decorations. In addition, genealogists might be looking for gift ideas for the other genea...


  • FamilyTree.com Tool Kit – Politics

    Nov 4

    Genealogy and politics are starting to cross over each other. In the past, people were inspired to begin working on their family tree in the hopes that they would discover that they came from royalty. Today, there could be people hoping to discover that they are related to a President, Senator, or other representative. Politics colors the backgr...