• It’s the Summer of 1925

    Apr 29

    You now have the opportunity to step back in time to the summer of 1925. Not really but at least through the popular magazines of that year. Your mother-grandmother-great grandmother (plus aunts, fathers, uncles and cousins) would have had the opportunity if they were young adults, teens or older adults to read the articles and certainly look over ...


  • Popular Culture Advertisement

    Apr 25

    Nothing decades ago or today more defines what people enjoyed eating, wearing or doing than the advertisements of those times. It is almost like a time capsule of the life and times of our relatives. An online site done by Duke University Library titled Ad*Access does just that, takes you back to see the daily images found in advertisements. It can...


  • HathiTrust Digital Library

    Apr 23

    This collection of the HathiTrust Project has numerous magazines and periodicals especially aimed at assisting family historians. A major older periodical is "The Genealogical Advertiser" which was a quarterly magazine of family history. Besides the use of treasures from genealogy magazines, especially the vintage ones, check out the magazines w...


  • Map and Chart Tools

    Apr 21

    There are types of specialty maps and charts today to help better understand how our ancestors lived. The University of Oregon's Mapping Project has a wealth of historical time periods and events in digital maps to see the progress and changes over the decades. It starts off with North America and where were the early English, French and Spanish s...


  • April 18th – International Day on Monuments and Sites

    Apr 18

    Every small town, major city, county and state has a vast array of monuments representing some event, a person, an activity -- anything that is important for the present day and future generations to know about and remember. One generally thinks of historical monuments or sites such as battle fields, or a the place where something new began (such a...


  • Granddad’s Old Job

    Apr 7

    Occupations have changed over the decades, not just in recent times but across the centuries, the need is no longer there for certain jobs to be done but rather people learn a new skill and follow that occupation. We can look back 100 to 150 years and see many changes that have taken place as far as jobs. With the electronic age over the last 30...


  • Cyndi’s List in 2014

    Mar 27

    Sometimes it is just great to locate a site that has every possible genealogical topic or category you could ever think of with links to online sites that provide the latest on that topic. This is what Cyndi's List has been and still continues into 2014 providing to family history researchers. For years, since 1997, she has gathered and organ...


  • Two or More Versions

    Mar 9

    One area for sure you could have a problem with when doing your family tree is conflicting dates, names, hometowns, events or occupations. First look at all the sources for that one specific conflict - say an ancestor's birth date. You must have where each listing for a date came from. Was one from the family Bible, one from the county vital recor...


  • What to Ask a Relative

    Mar 1

    Never miss an opportunity to interview or sit down and talk to a relative, even if they are about your same age, there just might be family information, names and even a few stories or two you have never heard about. Don't start with "Tell me everything you know on the family." That is too broad and won't start you on the right foot with this re...


  • Variety of Hometown Newspapers Resources

    Feb 23

    It is great to have a variety of local hometown newspapers scanned and online at your fingertips. This is the case for the 'Historical Newspapers Online' done by Penn State. All the states are listed with the available newspapers, their locations, the years covered and any additional information. They have combined the national Chronicles Newspa...