• Political Graveyard

    Aug 31

    You may well have had an ancestor who served in some governmental or political position (Mayor, Senator, state legislator, judge, delegate to a national political party convention, Governor, etc) and you never knew it. With the online site 'Political Graveyard' you can find the listing of some 302,477 political names of real people covering m...


  • Be a 2020 Census Taker

    Sep 11

    The United States Census will be done again in 2020. The United States Census Bureau is now taking applications and hiring individuals to assist in this major undertaking. There will be a variety of temporary jobs, including census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff, and supervisory staff all across the United States. Anyone age ...


  • Ordinary Ancestors – Also have Stories

    Feb 23

    You have compiled the family tree (or at least most of it) and you have names, BMD dates, locations, children, occupations and any military service of your ancestors. However, the most important of all to is locate any information which could be part of their life history. You are putting some 'flesh' to your ordinary ancestors because each does ha...


  • Library of Congress – Hometown Maps

    Feb 21

    Using vintage maps of an ancestor's hometown is a gold mine of information. If you know the street a family lived on or the location of their shop or business that is wonderful. Many people do not know the street a house was on. Yet using the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, made digital and available at the online Library of Congress site, searching h...


  • October – Family Hometown

    Oct 7

    During the month of October (with Family History Month), a little different idea to add to your family history is to do research relating to the family hometown or home county. This could involve two or more locations but start with one and be complete as possible. Using the Internet is a great start to learn more about the town. Include with yo...


  • Use of Funeral Home Records

    Jun 19

    Contacting the funeral home in a hometown to see what records they hold about your ancestors can be a great resource. It might take some extra investigation if the funeral home the family used years ago has been sold and is under another name. However, most of the time, the previous funeral home did have the new operators store the older records. ...


  • Interview a Town’s Natives

    Jun 17

    In Stuart, Florida, at the downtown Stuart Heritage Museum, every Wednesday morning is the gathering of the 'Old Timers Social'. Started several years ago, everyone is invited to attend and meet with other long-time residents and especially natives of Stuart. With the city incorporated only 104 years ago, there are many who grew up in Stuart and it...


  • Advantages of Contacting Historical Societies

    Jun 15

    If you have not investigated contacting a historical society in your ancestral town or county or state, you will need to see what is available. The purpose of a historical society is an organization dedicated to preserving, collecting, researching, and interpreting historical information or items. Originally, these societies were created as a way t...


  • Finding Death Information

    May 27

    As the nation remembers for who served in the military and gave their lives this Memorial Day, you may have your own military veterans or other ancestors that you need information of when and where they died. So here are some locations, make you to completely check all locations. The hometown obituaries / death notices in newspapers are the best m...


  • Details to Learn about Where Your Ancestors Lived

    May 23

    A really interesting research section to your family history can be centered on the hometown and home county where your ancestors lived. Start by learning the history of the family hometown. A good place would be Googling the town's name and see what is available, Make notes and place down the sources. See if there is a historical museum in that ...