• Use the Veteran’s Census 1890

    Feb 15

    We all love when we find that an ancestor served in the American Civil War (1861-1865). Of course sometimes we are not even aware we have such an ancestor. So now FamilySearch.org has online a collection from the census taken of just veterans in 1890. Now not all veterans from the Civil War were still alive in 1890, many killed in the war. How...


  • British Newspapers from 1700 to 1999

    Feb 11

    Newspapers are really the life blood of a community, town or city -- covering about events, places and people in that town. This is why finding newspapers from a certain area where our ancestors lived and then seeing if there was ever an article about that person or a family member can provide such additional information for you research. If you...


  • Korean War Casualties

    Jan 7

    The involvement of the United States in the war between North and South Korea went from June 25, 1950 until a cease fire was declared and armistice agreement signed on July 27, 1953. You may have well had numerous relatives who took part in the war, many whom never returned home alive. This is a database of those casualties of Americans from th...


  • Rock Island County, Illinois

    Jan 5

    The history and people of Rock Island County go back to 1831. The name came from anĀ island in the Mississippi River. The early settlers to this area approved formation of a county government and held their first county election on July 5, 1833. But who were those early settlers, who were the movers and shakers in that frontier region? It just mig...


  • Message Boards

    Jan 3

    Either you have used the Rootsweb Message Boards in the past or have never used them. Whichever is your case - this new year, this January, go to these wonderful message boards, any one of which could provide new information. First timers -- it is simple. Use the search box at the top, placing a surname, hometown, military regiment, whatever yo...


  • Newspapers of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.

    Jan 1

    Over 26 million newspaper pages, mostly covering the 19th century, that is what is available online -- Free of charge - from Fulton History. Nothing better for information of a specific time period than the local newspapers from hometowns and regions. This Fulton site originally started with just the New York state newspapers, but has added new...


  • Database ‘Treasure Chest’

    Dec 6

    With the use of the Internet along with the interest in genealogy and many records made digital, the use of online databases is necessary. At FamilyTree.com in the 'Reviews' section is a run down of 14 of great databases to select from, some with a fee and others free. All are general and can be of help with most any researcher. To add to that ...


  • Online Books

    Dec 2

    Libraries are an excellent source especially for books on a hometown, historical events or even biographies on individuals. Many such books were written during the time period or just after a specific ancestor lived in that town. Yet getting to the hometown library could be difficult. Using Online Books, this site has thousands of books scanned ...


  • Yearbooks

    Nov 30

    What a resource a high school, college, university or post-graduate yearbook can be for the family researcher. True, most people don't like their yearbook portraits, but for the family historian those photos and the information about the person can be priceless. You first need to check with all relatives, long-time family friends to see if they ...


  • What Can You Find on the Internet?

    Nov 24

    A family history researcher never depends solely on what is available on the Internet, too many mistakes or non-sourced material out there. However, there are some things, even real gems or treasures you would be happy to locate and that is where the Internet can help. One big area is looking for any ancestral writings or family histories your r...