• Missed June 1880 to June 1900

    Nov 2

    Here is a thought that may not have occurred to you while your work on your family tree. You might have an ancestor who was born June 1, 1880, the date of the US Federal Census for 1880 and for whatever reason, died the June 1, 1900 US Federal Census. Yes, they would have been on the June 2, 1890 US Federal Census, but a reminder, most of that cen...


  • North Carolina City Directories

    Oct 16

    TheĀ  North Carolina Digital Heritage Center has put online a massive collection for the state of North Carolina of city directories. Use of such directories is very important in doing family history. It is a time capsule with businesses, names, home addresses and years when the people worked and lived in a certain location. Every county in North ...


  • Digital Newspaper by States

    Oct 6

    From the Penn Libraries, they have placed online all the present available digital newspapers from different time periods covering each of the states in the United States. Some states like Nevada have six newspapers running from the late 1800s to into the 20th century. Other states like New Jersey have 25 newspaper listing representing the many tow...


  • California Birth Indexes 1905-1995

    Aug 31

    Having online databases has made some aspect of family history research much easier. It is still good to have the actual copy of vital records by requesting from the state or county for a birth, marriage or death records. The California Birth Index has made it easy for a research to even know if a birth record exists for a relative. The Califor...


  • Public Domain Photos

    Aug 25

    Need some images of a hometown, a historic region, a view of a homeland, of a farm, or city? Using the following public domain photo sites will help located and allow you to download needed images to make your family history complete. For example, you found that your parents came down to the Ft. Lauderdale / Miami area in 1940 or 1941 on vacatio...


  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

    Aug 21

    These maps known as Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are of small, medium and large sized towns and cities date back to the 19th century and well into the 20th century. They can be very important in locating where a family business, shop and neighborhood would have been at a specific time frame. The Sanborn Company (started by Daniel A. Sanborn), an Am...


  • Events in PA

    Aug 19

    In digital format and online from the Penn State University libraries is a nice collection of events and people relating to the history of the state of Pennsylvania, a history that dates back to colonial times. There is information on the Civil War era, the geography, industry and labor, political events, maps, agriculture, biographies, and numero...


  • Local Sources

    Aug 1

    An often overlooked resource when doing your family history was the locations / towns / cities / counties that an ancestor lived, especially an ancestral hometown if they family was in the same town for decades. It is amazing the different resources you can find in a local community that just might some details about your family. Start at the to...


  • Minneapolis City Directories 1859-1917

    Jul 30

    The use of city directories can be extremely successful in locating additional information on an ancestor. City directories allow users to find former city residents, their occupations, local businesses and their locations. With any luck you can trace a relative during a certain scan of time, where they lived (street) and what their occupation hap...


  • Colorado Newspapers 1859-1923

    Jul 20

    The Colorado Historical Newspapers Collection is available online. The search process is made very simple. Place the keyword, surname, topic you wish to see if there were any newspaper articles covering between 1859 and 1923. Keep in mind there can be articles in the numerous Colorado newspapers to select from which are about events and people out...