• Photos from New Orleans & Louisiana

    May 23

    Two large groups of photographic collections online about New Orleans and Louisiana are provided by the Louisiana Digital Library. The Charles L. Franck and Franck-Bertacci photos begin with Franck who was a commercial photographer beginning in the 1910s. In the mid-1950 it was Albert Bertacci who purchased the Franck studio and photos and car...


  • Photo Help in Reverse

    May 15

    There is a new web site available, called TinEye, that is a search engine which uses reverse images to location similar images. Instead of placing a keyword, surname or place you download a digital image. The results can help you find out where that image came from, how it is being used, if there are higher and larger version of the images and if ...


  • Study An Ancestral Hometown

    May 3

    A really unusual online database of information on ancestral homelands is titled "One Place Studies". Its purpose is to gather and share information about as many villages, towns, cities, so that those researching their own family ancestral places and not living there can have a much better idea what that place is like and especially how it was wh...


  • Abandoned & Little Known Airfields in USA

    Apr 15

    So many of our ancestors were involved with aviation over the last 100 years; especially those who worked on the plane to build them, the mechanics or the pilots during World War I, World War II and Korean War. There is an interesting site titled “Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields” in the United States. The site has for each of the 50 sta...


  • TRY TO DO List for Family Researchers

    Mar 30

    We all have so many projects and activities to complete each month. When we set aside time to work on our family tree, we can make a lasting contribution to knowing our ancestral lineage and more about those relatives who helped get us where we are today. It can help to set up a list of things (most beyond the time spent in researching) to try...


  • Check-Off List – Ten Ideas to check of your genealogy Check List!

    Mar 16

    Whether you are just beginning or have worked on your family tree for years, there can be many different aspects relating to your family and genealogy you have forgotten to investigate, do, search for, collect, or try. The following are just some ten ideas that you might want to consider completing so you can check it off this important list. Firs...


  • A Boy’s Message to His Grandmother

    Mar 14

    One of the research techniques I use in gathering information about an ancestral hometown is to review the items up for auction with the online site of eBay. There can anything suddenly up for sale or bids that you would not have imagined ever existing. Featured could be personal letters, diaries, labeled photos, business letterheads, etc., just ab...


  • Philly – What a City !

    Mar 4

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known as Philly has a long history dating back to the colonial period. So there well can be many of your ancestors who lived and worked in and around the city of Philadelphia. It was also a major entrance for immigrates first arriving in America. The Philadelphia City Archive has one of the country's largest municipal...


  • Americana ETC.

    Feb 24

    If you have ever had the opportunity to explore through your grandparents' attic, old photo albums, family steamer trunks, a box filled with vintage letters, etc., then you had the chance to see the documents and personal possessions that were important enough to your relatives to be saved. For those with ancestors who have lived in the United Stat...


  • Transcriptions of Newspaper Articles

    Feb 6

    A web site titled 'Newspaper Abstracts' can be of assistance to the researcher, especially with the older, sometimes difficult to read newspapers. With the numerous online sites carrying scanned images of whole newspaper pages it can hard in some cases to locate the family surname or location on the page. Some site highlight in yellow the keyword s...