• Postcards of North Carolina

    Jan 29

    Having a collection of postcards from an ancestral hometown state or region can be better than even photos. They are professionally done, can be lessen known or no longer in existence locations and usually there is some description to each. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has online a super collection of postcard images for the ...


  • Panoramic Photographs

    Jan 21

    There is nothing like soaring over an area to get that 'bird's eye view'. That experience is very possible in an airplane, hot air balloon or glider. However, to have that aerial view of a hometown, city or area say in 1920 or 1900 or 1890 is impossible. The Library of Congress Panoramic Photographic Collection does offer that experience in imag...


  • Newspapers of Farm, Field and Fireside

    Jan 19

    Living out on the Great Plains of America or any rural region was an isolated and many times a lonesome lifestyle. Yet, this was the type of everyday existence that many of our ancestors experienced for decades. With the advancement of the railway system, telegraphs, roads, mail delivery, telephones, and then vehicles such as autos, the rural fami...


  • York Co. PA and Neighboring Cemeteries

    Jan 17

    The areas of York County, Adams County and Cumberland County in Pennsylvania along with Carroll County in Maryland are all neighboring counties and have an long history of settlement. Many residents over the decades moved back and forth from one county to another. They also had their children and grandchildren resettle from York County to Carroll...


  • US Federal Mortality Census 1850

    Jan 9

    Do you think you had an ancestor who died between June 1849 and May 1850 and don't have much in any details? Well, using the FamilySearch.org site, it has the U. S. Federal Mortality Census (Schedule) for 1850. This year of 1850 was the first time such an special census was conducted. It was done with the regular Federal Census for population in 1...


  • National Roots Day. December 23.

    Dec 23

    It's the holiday season and everyone is preparing their homes around the globe in celebration. Some are spending the holidays with their parents or grandparents, others with their adult children or grandchildren. There are all types of family styles now-a-days; from two parents, to a single parent, to adopted parents, to a family being sisters, bro...


  • Google Newspapers Around the Globe

    Dec 20

    The search engine on the Internet is a valuable tool. One of the most well-known and innovated search engines is Google. It can be extremely useful for family history research. Their newspaper collections are outstanding. Since newspaper, big and small circulation are the window to a community, the use of newspaper articles for family research has ...


  • United Kingdom Postcards

    Dec 10

    The sending and receiving of postcards became a very popular activity for people around the globe beginning in the 1870s and especially by the late 1880s and into the 1910s. The postcards were not just sent while one was traveling, visiting other places, but also just as a method to share scenes of what their own hometown or region looked like. Ph...


  • How Our Ancestors Were Affected by Social History

    Oct 30

    Doing your family history is not just names, dates and places, it is also the life, times and events that made up their everyday existence. Many such occurrences might have had a dramatic affect on the course of their life and their descendants – you in fact. Social, environmental and personal history includes everything happening to your ance...


  • Life in 1901 England

    Sep 22

    That date was some 111 years ago which seems quite a long time ago, but very possibility you have close relatives on the family tree who lived during that time. My father was born in England in 1905, so certainly his parents would have been a part of that year. The online site, 'Living At The Time of the Census' refers to the United Kingdom officia...