• It’s the Summer of 1925

    Apr 29

    You now have the opportunity to step back in time to the summer of 1925. Not really but at least through the popular magazines of that year. Your mother-grandmother-great grandmother (plus aunts, fathers, uncles and cousins) would have had the opportunity if they were young adults, teens or older adults to read the articles and certainly look over ...


  • New York Philharmonic Images

    Apr 15

    You might think, there really is such a collection? Yes, a large collection of photos of conductors and performers over the decades has now become digital and online. However, not just photos but most of the sheet music and programs performed by the orchestra. The Digital Archives of the New York Philharmonic features images, programs, scores, p...


  • Go From Image to Text

    Feb 3

    Have a jpg or pdf image of an old genealogical record (Bible, journal, newspaper, court document, property records, etc) that is hard to read? Assuming the text is not handwritten (which is beyond the capability of computer software), it should be possible to convert the image to computer-readable text using what is known as Optical Character Reco...


  • Brooklyn, NY Made Digital

    Oct 22

    Are you from Brooklyn, did you have relatives who lived or worked in Brooklyn, New York? Seeing it has been a large community for decades, it is very possible you do have one or more ancestors from Brooklyn. It is one of the five boroughs of New York City with a population now of about 2.5 million in a land area of about 71 square miles. With the ...


  • Ancestral Writings on Useful Items

    Sep 18

    Within a family there can be some unusual and even amazing keepsakes or handwritten memorabilia. Of course you scan the item and / or take photographs to help preserve what the family heirloom looked like for future generations. Many of these treasured items are displayed in cabinets and bookcases. Some have to be so protected, they need to be wr...


  • Public Domain Photos

    Aug 25

    Need some images of a hometown, a historic region, a view of a homeland, of a farm, or city? Using the following public domain photo sites will help located and allow you to download needed images to make your family history complete. For example, you found that your parents came down to the Ft. Lauderdale / Miami area in 1940 or 1941 on vacatio...


  • Historic Photos

    Aug 11

    No better way to understand and appreciate the times our ancestors lived then through photos. The saying 'the picture is worth 1,000 words' is true. Whether it was during a historic events such as the Civil War or the Great Depression, images can speak volumes of what life might have been like for a great grandfather. The web site, 'Documentari...


  • Alternative Family History Images

    Jul 6

    As you put together the family tree, a family newsletter, or even the entire family history in book form, the greatest challenge will be finding illustrations or photos of your family. Some individuals are very fortunate to have a massive collection of images handed down through the generations, others have little or nothing to view. Or you might h...


  • Stereoscopic Images at Library of Congress

    Jul 4

     An early form of 3D images were called 'stereoscopic photos'. Using two images next to each other and then viewed through lens in a special stereoscopic viewer, you see the photo with great depth, almost as if you were right there in person. These stereoscopic photos became very popular in the 1850s and through the 1910s. They served as a great m...


  • Poses in Photos of the 1800s

    Jun 30

    The type of pose our ancestors did in our treasured photographs of them, can be an indication of the period of that photo. With some of the earliest photos done during the 1840s there is a variety of poses, from sitting in a sitting in a chair to standing. The person having a photo made would have to hold still for several minutes so they needed so...