• Alternative Family History Images

    Jul 6

    As you put together the family tree, a family newsletter, or even the entire family history in book form, the greatest challenge will be finding illustrations or photos of your family. Some individuals are very fortunate to have a massive collection of images handed down through the generations, others have little or nothing to view. Or you might h...


  • Stereoscopic Images at Library of Congress

    Jul 4

     An early form of 3D images were called 'stereoscopic photos'. Using two images next to each other and then viewed through lens in a special stereoscopic viewer, you see the photo with great depth, almost as if you were right there in person. These stereoscopic photos became very popular in the 1850s and through the 1910s. They served as a great m...


  • Poses in Photos of the 1800s

    Jun 30

    The type of pose our ancestors did in our treasured photographs of them, can be an indication of the period of that photo. With some of the earliest photos done during the 1840s there is a variety of poses, from sitting in a sitting in a chair to standing. The person having a photo made would have to hold still for several minutes so they needed so...


  • Finland and World War II Photos

    Jun 28

    Looking over World War II history and our ancestors, many people would think of Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, England and France. However, being a 'world war' there were many other nations involved. One such was the nation of Finland, a Scandinavian country near Sweden and Norway. For this country of Finland they actual divided that war period into t...


  • Saving an Image

    Jun 16

    You are searching on the Internet, doing research relating to your family history. You come across a photo, document, record, postcard, something that you would like in digital format. If you are not already familiar there are a couple methods to keep a copy of what you just found. First thing is to make a note of site you found the item. Was i...


  • Photos—Historical Society of Palm Beach

    Jun 4

    Any ancestors from the southeast portion of Florida? The Historical Society of Palm Beach (the county is Palm Beach - with cities such as Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Delray, etc.) has placed a large collection of some vintage images of the county of Palm Beach over the decades. Your ancestors may not have lived there, but a good possibility they m...


  • Kentucky Digital

    May 31

    The Kentucky Digital Library has a really nice collection of digital newspapers, photos, maps, directories, journals, yearbooks, books and a variety of other collections for the public to view online. Just starting with the photos; there are photos of the 1921 basketball champions, numerous farm images, places across Kansas; over 62,000 photos avai...


  • Photos from New Orleans & Louisiana

    May 23

    Two large groups of photographic collections online about New Orleans and Louisiana are provided by the Louisiana Digital Library. The Charles L. Franck and Franck-Bertacci photos begin with Franck who was a commercial photographer beginning in the 1910s. In the mid-1950 it was Albert Bertacci who purchased the Franck studio and photos and car...


  • Photo Help in Reverse

    May 15

    There is a new web site available, called TinEye, that is a search engine which uses reverse images to location similar images. Instead of placing a keyword, surname or place you download a digital image. The results can help you find out where that image came from, how it is being used, if there are higher and larger version of the images and if ...


  • Columbus, Ohio Postcards & Images

    Apr 25

    Nothing better to knowing what a time and place were like decades ago than through photographs and especially postcards. The Columbus, Ohio Metropolitan Library has gathered a large collection of images and made them accessible online. There are three major divisions. First is the postcards section with over 9,000 postcards during the late 19t...