• Irish Heritage

    Mar 17

    To define who is 'Irish', it is thought that the Irish are an ethnic group whose ancestors originally lived on the island of Ireland and most of the Celtic and Gaelic people. Now today and for some years back there are two parts to that island – The Republic of Ireland (an independent nation) and 'Northern Ireland' is part of the United Kingdom ...


  • Reasons Ancestors Left Their Native Homeland

    Sep 25

    It is a very good item, ancestral homelands, you should try to figure out for your family history. Leaving not only family homeland, but leaving everything behind including other family members was never an easy decision. So here are a few suggestions for the reason why different groups left to come to America. Those from Ireland...


  • American Christmas Traditions from Germany

    Dec 11

    Several of the following are traditional German Christmas celebration items or events some which have become population in America, brought by the millions of German immigrants. A favorite, especially for children is St. Nicholas day, where German children leave their shoes out overnight in hopes that St. Nick will stop by and fill them w...


  • Profiling on Census – German-Born

    Sep 5

    Having a nation-wide census done every ten years dates back to 1790 with the first one. At first, it was just numbers in a household (males-females and by age ranges). The only name was the first considered 'head of the household'. After the American Civil War, the Census Bureau had a particular interest in the presence of an ever-increasin...


  • The Steerage Act of 1819

    Jun 3

    In the early 1800s, trans-Atlantic shipping companies seized the opportunity for bigger profits. Ships that had delivered timber from America to Europe could now make money on the return trip, too, packing their holds to capacity with hopeful passengers. As these passengers began to arrive in American ports they were starved and sick, and as deat...


  • Immigrants to American Shores

    Aug 25

    We all have some immigrants who came from a family homeland in another country to resettle in America. The online database with has even more records added to the collection of passengers arriving in New York between 1820 and 1950s. Keep in mind there would also be travelers, born American citizens who would have traveled by ships ...


  • Colonial Indentured Servants

    May 19

    It may not have occurred to you, but a couple of your very early ancestors may have actually come to America as 'indentured servants'. But does that mean? Individuals came to America under a work contract, called an indenture because they could not afford the ship passage. They agreed to work for the family, individual or company that paid that p...


  • US Federal 1870 Census

    Jul 5

    Census day was June 1, 1870 and it took five months to complete. There were 37 US States with 4 news states in 1870 Census, those being West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas and Nevada. The Census of 1870 also had the US territories: Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Dakota and Indian Territory (l...


  • Two Weeks after the 1912 Sinking

    Apr 25

    One of the greatest disasters was the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. During April 2017, marks the 105th anniversary and the aftermath of that tragedy. It was not just the crewmen and passengers who did not survive but the friends and family members who did survive those who waited on shore to learn the fate of someone they knew. Using t...


  • Nationalizations Records – FamilySearch

    Apr 13

    Nationalization (becoming an American citizen) was an important event to many immigrates. The process of naturalization started in 1790. Some of the rules included the naturalization of a man could also include his wife becoming a citizen (that last only up to 1922). The man's children (those under the age of 21) were made citizens when the father...