• MyHeritage Introduces DNA Health + Ancestry Test

    Jun 13

    MyHeritage announced the launch of the MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry Test. It offers new dimensions of genetic insight to enrich your life, enlighten you about your health, and help you make informed lifestyle choices. The MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry test includes dozens of personalized and easy-to-understand health reports. It also...


  • MyHeritage Explains Processing Delays of MyHeritage DNA Tests

    May 16

    MyHeritage posted an update regarding the processing times for MyHeritage DNA Tests. The problem began in the beginning of March of 2019, when MyHeritage upgraded to a new and more advanced DNA chip. Until recently, MyHeritage DNA tests were processed using Illumnia's Omni chip. To provide MyHeritage customers with a more robust and powerfu...


  • MyHeritage Added Norwegian Census Records

    Apr 4

    MyHeritage announced the addition of three important census record collections from Norway, from 1891, 1900, and 1910, to MyHeritage SuperSearch. These record collections were added in collaboration with the National Archives of Norway, and include 6.8 million new records. With the release of these new collections, MyHeritage now offers approxim...


  • MyHeritage has Finished Digitizing Israel’s Cemeteries

    Mar 21

    MyHeritage announced that they have completed their goal of digitizing every cemetery in Israel. The process took five years of dedicated efforts. Israel is now the first country in the world to have almost all of its gravestones preserved and searchable online, with images, locations, and fully transcribed records. MyHeritage put up all of tha...


  • MyHeritage Introduced Two New Features

    Mar 12

    MyHeritage has introduced two new features that can help users get more from their DNA Matches. One is called Theory of Family Relativity, and the other is called AutoClusters. Theory of Family Relativity incorporates genealogical information on all MyHeritage's collections of nearly 10 billion historical records and family tree profiles to off...


  • Why People Sent DNA Test To Strangers

    Feb 19

    A strange thing happened around Christmas Eve of 2018. People began receiving DNA testing kits that they didn't order. The kits were purchased and sent by strangers. This creepy situation happened when some malicious people decided to scam a “refer a friend” program. MyHeritage, a genealogy company that sells its own direct-to-consumer DNA t...


  • MyHeritage Changed its Data Upload Policy

    Dec 20

    MyHeritage announced that it has changed its DNA upload policy. As of December 16, 2018, MyHeritage users can upload their raw DNA data from other testing services for free and still receive all DNA Matches for free. Unlocking extra features for uploaded DNA data will cost an extra fee. MyHeritage points out that uploading your DNA from a diffe...


  • MyHeritage Introduces the Family Discovery Kit

    Dec 11

    MyHeritage has introduced the MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit. It is brought to MyHeritage in partnership with Project Life by Becky Higgins. Use the MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit to capture your family's unique story. The MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit involves more than DNA. It is aimed at family historians who want to record their family'...


  • MyHeritage Released Shared Ancestral Places Feature

    Nov 20

    MyHeritage announced the release of a brand new feature for DNA Matches. The feature is called Shared Ancestral Places. It displays the ancestral places that you share with every DNA match. MyHeritage explains the feature this way: “Shared Ancestral Places refer to towns, countries, or U.S. states that appear in your family tree as well as in...


  • MyHeritage Changes Policy on DNA Uploads

    Sep 20

    MyHeritage announced that they will be changing their policy regarding DNA uploads. This change will effect some of what was previously offered for free. Full details will be released later. MyHeritage wrote in a blog post: “As of December 1, 2018, our policy regarding DNA uploads will change: DNA Matching will remain free for uploaded DNA dat...