• MyHeritage Changed its Data Upload Policy

    Dec 20

    MyHeritage announced that it has changed its DNA upload policy. As of December 16, 2018, MyHeritage users can upload their raw DNA data from other testing services for free and still receive all DNA Matches for free. Unlocking extra features for uploaded DNA data will cost an extra fee. MyHeritage points out that uploading your DNA from a diffe...


  • MyHeritage Introduces the Family Discovery Kit

    Dec 11

    MyHeritage has introduced the MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit. It is brought to MyHeritage in partnership with Project Life by Becky Higgins. Use the MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit to capture your family's unique story. The MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit involves more than DNA. It is aimed at family historians who want to record their family'...


  • MyHeritage Released Shared Ancestral Places Feature

    Nov 20

    MyHeritage announced the release of a brand new feature for DNA Matches. The feature is called Shared Ancestral Places. It displays the ancestral places that you share with every DNA match. MyHeritage explains the feature this way: “Shared Ancestral Places refer to towns, countries, or U.S. states that appear in your family tree as well as in...


  • MyHeritage Changes Policy on DNA Uploads

    Sep 20

    MyHeritage announced that they will be changing their policy regarding DNA uploads. This change will effect some of what was previously offered for free. Full details will be released later. MyHeritage wrote in a blog post: “As of December 1, 2018, our policy regarding DNA uploads will change: DNA Matching will remain free for uploaded DNA dat...


  • MyHeritage and 23andMe to Donate DNA Kits to Reunite Families

    Jul 2

    Two of the companies that make direct-to-consumer DNA test kits are offering free DNA tests to help reunite families that were separated from each other at the United States border. Both MyHeritage and 23andMe have started contacting relevant government agencies and non-profit legal aid organizations that are representing the families. Genealog...


  • BackupMyTree and World Vital Records are Sunsetting

    Jun 23

    MyHeritage announced that they will be sunsetting both World Vital Records/ Family Link and BackupMyTree. MyHeritage acquired those services in 2011, and is retiring them on September 1, 2018. In general, it is not unusual for a company to sunset products or smaller companies that they acquired some time after acquiring them. It has happened wit...


  • MyHeritage had a Data Breach

    Jun 8

    MyHeritage posted a very important blog titled: “MyHeritage Statement About a Cybersecurity Incident”. Genealogists and family historians who have an account at MyHeritage should take the time to read it. The blog provides details about what happened and what steps MyHeritage has taken after learning about the incident. MyHeritage started...


  • Before You Reach Out to Your Genetic Relatives…

    Jun 2

    MyHeritage sells a DNA testing kit that consumers can take if they want to learn more about their genetics. Those who take the test will be notified if a DNA Match exists. DNA Matches is a feature that uses your DNA to help you find relatives. Before you rush into reaching out to your genetic relatives, there are some things you should consider. ...


  • MyHeritage Closed Applications to DNA Quest

    May 16

    MyHeritage announced that it has closed applications to DNA Quest, a pro bono initiative that was created for the purpose of helping adoptees and their birth families to find each other. MyHeritage put together an informative blog post about the project and what happens next. When DNA Quest launched, it was open to adoptees that were seeking to ...


  • MyHeritage Improved their One-To-Many Chromosome Browser

    Apr 12

    MyHeritage has implemented improvements to their recently released One-to-Many Chromosome Browser. These changes were made because users requested them. Three new additions make it easier to use the Chromosome Browser pages and provide additional information about your DNA Matches. The first improvement allows you to easily reference your compa...