• MyHeritage Added New Features to its Mobile App

    Apr 2

    MyHeritage announced that they added two new features to their MyHeritage mobile app. These features were designed to improve user's family history research. The MyHeritage mobile app is available for free on iOS and Android and it works great on smartphones and tablets.The mobile app allows you to capture and share family photos and memories r...


  • MyHeritage Releases New Collections with 325 Million Records

    Mar 9

    MyHeritage announced the addition of 325 million important historical records to SuperSearch. This brings the total number of global records available at MyHeritage through SuperSearch to 8.8 billion. SuperSearch is MyHeritage's search engine for historical records. It is not necessary to have a membership at MyHeritage to access and search for ...


  • Free Genealogy Resources for Frugal Genealogists

    Mar 8

    You really want to learn more about your ancestors, and fill in your family tree. Unfortunately, you are on a tight budget, and don't have extra money to spend on this project. The good news is that there are plenty of genealogy resources that you can access for free. Ancestry Library Edition offers a free trial. When that tria...


  • MyHeritage Launched DNA Quest

    Mar 6

    MyHeritage announced that they have launched a pro bono initiative called DNA Quest. The purpose of DNA Quest is to help adoptees and their birth families to find each other. According to MyHeritage, more than 7 million Americans are adopted, and many are searching for their biological parents or siblings. Every year, some adoptees and their b...


  • MyHeritage Added Exclusive Collections of Historical Records

    Feb 6

    MyHeritage offers a treasure trove of historical records from around the world. They currently have about 8.5 billion records that MyHeritage users can discover on SuperSearch. Every so often, MyHeritage adds new collections that are exclusive to MyHeritage. You won't find those records anywhere else. MyHeritage added one of the largest colle...


  • MyHeritage Improved and Updated their DNA Matching

    Jan 16

    MyHeritage announced that major updates and improvements to their DNA Matching have been rolled out for all users. The MyHeritage Science Team has been working on these improvements for months. They wanted to provide users with optimal results. MyHeritage summarized the updates and improvements this way: “Anyone who took a MyHeritage DNA tes...


  • MyHeritage DNA Surpassed One Million People

    Jan 3

    MyHeritage put together an informative blog post about the noteworthy things they accomplished in 2017. That list includes the announcement that MyHeritage DNA surpassed one million people. Over the past fifteen years, MyHeritage DNA has helped millions of people find new family members and discover their ethnic origins. The MyHeritage DNA tes...


  • MyHeritage Added New York Resources to SuperSearch

    Dec 13

    MyHeritage announced that it has added two collections to SuperSearch. Both of these collections are resources for genealogists who are looking for information about New York relatives and ancestors. MyHeritage explains: “The collections are valuable to everyone looking to discover new information about their ancestors, especially those with...


  • MyHeritage Introduces Surveys

    Dec 7

    MyHeritage has introduced Surveys. The surveys were released by the MyHeritage Science Team, which is led by world-renowned genetics pioneer Dr. Yaniv Erlich. The purpose of the surveys is to help MyHeritage investigate how genetics affects various aspects of our lives. MyHeritage explains: “These surveys analyze the relationships between gen...


  • MyHeritage has Ellis Island Passenger Lists

    Nov 6

    MyHeritage announced that it has added Ellis Island and other New York passenger lists to its SuperSearch. It includes unique content that has never been seen before. Passenger lists are a good resource for genealogists who want to know exactly when their ancestor immigrated to the United States. The Ellis Island and other New York Passenger L...