• MyHeritage Tribal Quest Siberia

    Jul 9

    A MyHeritage delegation returned from Siberia. They were there recording and preserving data from the Nenets tribe. This is the third Tribal Quest expedition. Tribal Quest is a unique mission to record and preserve the family histories of tribal people around the world. MyHeritage believes that every story counts, and that we all have much to...


  • MyHeritage Added More Records to its Dutch Collections

    Jun 17

    MyHeritage announced the publication on MyHeritage Super Search of seven large and significant historical record collections from the Netherlands. These collections have been added to their existing collection of Dutch records. The new collections total over 116 million records, cover about five centuries and fascinating periods in Dutch histor...


  • MyHeritage Launches New Comprehensive DNA Ethnicity Analysis

    Jun 1

    MyHeritage the leading global destination for family history and DNA testing, and the makers of the successful MyHeritage DNA product, announced the launch of its new and improved Ethnicity Estimate. The new analysis, developed by the company's science team, provides MyHeritage DNA customers with a percentage-based estimate of their ethnic origins...


  • MyHeritage Introduces Collection Catalog

    May 21

    MyHeritage has introduced the Collection Catalog. It is a new section on the MyHeritage website that lists the historical record collections indexed and available on MyHeritage SuperSearch. The catalog is useful for both beginners and professionals. The Collection Catalog is a list that some people might think of as a “card catalog” (in re...


  • MyHeritage Introduced Consistency Checker

    Feb 14

    MyHeritage announced that it has introduced the new Consistency Checker. It is a new tool that can be used with online family trees on MyHeritage. Consistency Checker scans your family tree and identifies mistakes and inconsistencies in your data so that you can make necessary changes in your tree. Consistency Checker can help you improve th...


  • MyHeritage Introduces New Discoveries Pages

    Feb 1

    MyHeritage is excited to introduce their new and improved Discoveries pages that provide Smart Matches and Record Matches. The new pages are easier to use, more consistent, faster, and they work well on the website and on mobile devices. The Discoveries pages provide a unified experience for all matches, organizing them into two main pages: Mat...


  • Things Family Historians Should Do Every Year

    Jan 15

    Keeping track of your family history can be a big job. It is the type of hobby that never seems to end because there is always more to do. You might be very busy, but it is important for family historians find the time to do certain things every year. MyHeritage has compiled a list of excellent suggestions! MyHeritage points out that at least...


  • What MyHeritage Added in 2016

    Jan 7

    MyHeritage was extremely busy in 2016! People who use MyHeritage may already be taking advantage of some of the things that were newly released in 2016. Here is a quick look just a few of the interesting, useful, things that were added to MyHeritage in 2016. MyHeritage added the following in 2016: 802 million new historical records were added, 7...


  • MyHeritage has a Holiday Contest

    Dec 10

    December can be a busy month as people prepare and celebrate holidays that are meaningful to their families. MyHeritage wants you to take a minute to really think about what your wishes for this holiday season are. Your response could make you a winner! If you could have anything you wanted – what would you wish for this holiday season? For...


  • MyHeritage Added WWI Draft Registration Cards Collection

    Dec 6

    MyHeritage is always adding new resources. In December of 2016, MyHeritage added a great collection of United States World War I Draft Registrations. This is great news for genealogists who have ancestors who served in World War I. The MyHeritage collection of United States World War I Draft Registrations has over 24 million records. It inclu...