• MyHeritage Introduces Surveys

    Dec 7

    MyHeritage has introduced Surveys. The surveys were released by the MyHeritage Science Team, which is led by world-renowned genetics pioneer Dr. Yaniv Erlich. The purpose of the surveys is to help MyHeritage investigate how genetics affects various aspects of our lives. MyHeritage explains: “These surveys analyze the relationships between gen...


  • MyHeritage has Ellis Island Passenger Lists

    Nov 6

    MyHeritage announced that it has added Ellis Island and other New York passenger lists to its SuperSearch. It includes unique content that has never been seen before. Passenger lists are a good resource for genealogists who want to know exactly when their ancestor immigrated to the United States. The Ellis Island and other New York Passenger L...


  • MyHeritage Celebrates 7 Years of Family Tree Webinars

    Oct 3

    In August of 2017, MyHeritage acquired Millennia Corporation, the makers of Legacy Family Tree. In September, MyHeritage began celebrating the 7 year anniversary of Legacy Family Tree Webinars. You can watch 15 Legacy Family Tree Webinars for free through October 15, 2017. MyHeritage points out that the Legacy Family Tree Webinar platform ha...


  • MyHeritage Acquired the Legacy Family Tree Software

    Aug 23

    MyHeritage announced in August of 2017 that it had acquired Millennia Corporation, makers of Legacy Family Tree. The Legacy Team will join the MyHeritage team and work together. MyHeritage has acquired not only the Legacy Family Tree genealogy software, but also the well-attended genealogy webinar platform, Legacy Family Tree Webinars. This ma...


  • What Can Census Records Say About Your Family?

    Aug 16

    Census records are important for many reasons. Genealogists were super excited when the 1940 census data was released because of the potential that it contained information they needed (and had no way to access before that release). There are many things that census records can say about your family. The National Archives points out that censu...


  • MyHeritage Surpassed 8 Billion Records on SuperSearch

    Aug 8

    MyHeritage announced that they had surpassed 8 billion records on SuperSearch. That's a lot of records! MyHeritage shared insights on how they count records and where to find those records. It is not easy to grasp how big a number like 8 billion is. MyHeritage explains it this way: “How big is the number 8 billion? 8 billion seconds is 2,222,2...


  • MyHeritage Tribal Quest Siberia

    Jul 9

    A MyHeritage delegation returned from Siberia. They were there recording and preserving data from the Nenets tribe. This is the third Tribal Quest expedition. Tribal Quest is a unique mission to record and preserve the family histories of tribal people around the world. MyHeritage believes that every story counts, and that we all have much to...


  • MyHeritage Added More Records to its Dutch Collections

    Jun 17

    MyHeritage announced the publication on MyHeritage Super Search of seven large and significant historical record collections from the Netherlands. These collections have been added to their existing collection of Dutch records. The new collections total over 116 million records, cover about five centuries and fascinating periods in Dutch histor...


  • MyHeritage Launches New Comprehensive DNA Ethnicity Analysis

    Jun 1

    MyHeritage the leading global destination for family history and DNA testing, and the makers of the successful MyHeritage DNA product, announced the launch of its new and improved Ethnicity Estimate. The new analysis, developed by the company's science team, provides MyHeritage DNA customers with a percentage-based estimate of their ethnic origins...


  • MyHeritage Introduces Collection Catalog

    May 21

    MyHeritage has introduced the Collection Catalog. It is a new section on the MyHeritage website that lists the historical record collections indexed and available on MyHeritage SuperSearch. The catalog is useful for both beginners and professionals. The Collection Catalog is a list that some people might think of as a “card catalog” (in re...