• MyHeritage Introduced Record Detective II

    Mar 31

    MyHeritage has introduced something new. It is called Record Detective II and it is a significant upgrade over the original Record Detective. Genealogists who use MyHeritage can use Record Detective II to advance their family history research further than ever before. Record Detective the original, was launched in 2013. It was described as a “...


  • Record Your Relatives With MyHeritage App

    Mar 28

    MyHeritage is a well known genealogy website that can be used for free. (Those who want access to additional things can pay a subscription). Like many other websites, MyHeritage has its own mobile app, which they update with new features from time to time. Now, you can record your relatives with the MyHeritage App. In January of 2016, MyHeritage...


  • MyHeritage Adds Millions of Irish Census Records

    Feb 15

    Looking for more information on the people from the Irish side of your family tree? MyHeritage might be able to help you with that. They have added millions of Irish census records to their SuperSearch. The newly added records come from two Irish censuses: the 1901 census and the 1911 census. Each one covered all of Ireland's 32 counties and enu...


  • MyHeritage Launched Collection of Old Books

    Jan 27

    There is something special about old books. Many of them are no longer in print and cannot be ordered from your local bookstore or found at your local library. Genealogy societies and organizations might have their own collection of old books, which may not be accessible to those who don't belong to the group. MyHeritage has launched a collection o...


  • Search Connect – MyHeritage

    Dec 9

    One of the nice things about genealogy is that many genealogists are willing to help others with their family tree research. Of course, that help cannot be given unless one genealogist is able to connect with another and ask for help. MyHeritage has a new tool that can help facilitate that process. It is called Search Connect. MyHeritage release...


  • MyHeritage Has New Swedish Resources

    Nov 19

    MyHeritage has great news for genealogists who are trying to learn more about their Swedish ancestors. MyHeritage has added 46 million Swedish records to its website. This is the first time that these Swedish historical documents have become available online. The 46 million newly added Swedish records at MyHeritage have been added to the MyHer...


  • How MyHeritage Engages Users

    Aug 5

    Websites that offer a service, or that rely on a community to produce and share content, must find a way to engage with those users. Doing so gives people a reason to visit that website and interact with it. It also can entice new users to give the website a try. Genealogy websites can benefit from developing an engagement with their users. MyH...


  • MyHeritage

    Mar 5

    Since 2003, the online website titled MyHeritage has made the creation of a digital family tree very simple for its users.  By just starting simply with one's immediate family (parents and siblings), their names and birth dates, a person can add additional information, photos, videos, records, documents, etc to build their family tree. The be...


  • How to Find Genealogy Webinars

    Feb 4

      Have you ever gone online and watched a webinar? Now may be a good time to check one out. A webinar is sort of like a short video that teaches a person something specific about a particular topic. There are plenty of them out there that genealogists can access for free. Here are some tips about how to find genealogy webinars.   ...


  • How to Find Online Genealogy Websites

    Jan 12

    Those that are brand new to genealogy may find themselves struggling to get started. One easy way to find online genealogy websites is to start with the most popular ones. Check them out and discover which one seems right for you. This blog has some basic information about,, and There are some ext...