• MyHeritage Updated its App

    Nov 15

    The MyHeritage mobile app has been updated. The app is useful for genealogists who use the MyHeritage website. The MyHeritage app allows you to share family moments, discover and edit your family history, and keep in touch with the people you love. The MyHeritage app is available for download at both the App Store and on Google Play. You can use...


  • MyHeritage Added 33 Million Finland Church Records

    Oct 8

    MyHeritage has good news for genealogists who have ancestors from Finland. MyHeritage has added 33 million Finland Church Records to their collection. You can search those records for free. MyHeritage was founded by a team of people with a passion for genealogy and a strong grasp of internet technology. Their mission is to make it easier for ...


  • Matching DNA Upload

    Sep 28

    MyHeritage compares DNA data of individuals, which has been uploaded to the MyHeritage website, in order to find matches based on shared DNA. Your DNA matches are people who are highly likely to be relatives (close or distant) because there are significant similarities between their DNA and yours. DNA Matching can open up exciting new research...


  • MyHeritage DNA Matching is Now Live!

    Sep 7

    In May of this year, MyHeritage gave users who had taken a DNA test the ability to upload DNA data to benefit from free DNA matching (after MyHeritage had completed developing it). Now, MyHeritage has announced that DNA Matching technology is ready and live! MyHeritage compares DNA data of individuals, which has been uploaded to the MyHeritage...


  • MyHeritage Released Sun Charts

    Jul 18

    There are some things that all genealogists do. Everyone searches online for information about their ancestors, makes copies of their research, and continues to build their family tree. Are you looking for something different to do with your genealogy research? MyHeritage has released Sun Charts. You probably haven't put one of those together yet! ...


  • MyHeritage Introduces PedigreeMap

    Jul 7

    MyHeritage is the fastest-growing destination for discovering, preserving, and sharing family history. They recently launched PedigreeMap. It is an innovative way to visualize family history and it is optimized for tablets. PedigreeMap displays all events in a MyHeritage user's family tree, such as births, marriages, and deaths, as well as di...


  • Family History Questions to Ask Your Relatives

    Jul 6

    You cannot make a record of your family history all by yourself. Your relatives have stories to tell, memories to share, and the backstory to old family photos. The best way to discover these valuable pieces of family history is to ask your relatives about them. Not sure where to begin? MyHeritage can help you get started. They have put together...


  • MyHeritage Adds 11 Million Australian Newspaper Pages

    Jun 24

    Old newspapers might be seen as trash by many people. But, to genealogists, they are a treasure! There are things you might be able to find in an old newspaper that simply aren't available anywhere else. You might find an ancestor's obituary, or an article about a baking contest she won. It is easy to see why MyHeritage decided to add 11 million pa...


  • MyHeritage Launches Global Pro Bono Initiative

    Jun 11

    MyHeritage has launched a new global initiative called Tribal Quest. The purpose of this pro bono initiative is to record the family histories of tribal people living in remote locations and to preserve their stories for future generations. According to MyHeritage, tribal people in remote communities lack access to modern technology and tools...


  • MyHeritage Launches Book Matching

    Jun 2

    MyHeritage announced the launch of their revolutionary technology that will help individuals locate information about their ancestors that is found in books. It is called Book Matching. It automatically looks at the individuals that are in family trees on MyHeritage and looks for them in MyHeritage's vast collection of digitized historical books. ...