• Illinois Newspapers online

    Aug 11

    The University of Illinois has placed some 45 different newspapers in the state of Illinois in a digital format and made it available online. It is equal to some 1,105,004 pages with 6,975,155 articles. It is free to search. Besides the public newspapers there are special newspapers such as trade papers for the entertainment business covering fr...


  • British Newspapers Archives

    Jul 23

    Online are the British newspapers archives for most counties and time periods, with millions of pages done so far and adding more each month. Not only the regular news articles of events, but also are the Family Notices (births-marriages-anniversaries-deaths). The obituaries alone are so important to learning about a specific ancestor along with an...


  • New York State Newspapers

    Jun 25

    The state of New York has a long history, being one of the original 13 colonies of the 1770s. So it is very possible you have ancestors who may have lived in some part of New York. Newspapers are one of the best sources for information on our ancestors, especially the local hometown papers. Available at the Fulton History web site are some 639 d...


  • OCR – Scan to Text

    May 25

    It can be very useful to scan not just photos but some of the documents handed down by the family, placing them into digital format. If they are handwritten papers then scan as if it was a photo to preserve it. Any transcribing would be by reading it and then typing it out into a document. If the document is already in a typed mode, you can scan i...


  • Pennsylvania Death Certificates 1906 to 1924

    May 11

    On has just come available more than 2.4 million records along with images of the actual death certificates for people who died in Pennsylvania between January 1, 1906 and December 1924. Additional later dates for certificates will be added in the near future. Such records / death certificates by the turn of the 20th century had become...


  • A True Account – ’12 Years a Slave’

    Mar 7

    All family researchers love to find an unusual story relating to an ancestor. Traditionally it is just family lore or legends as a source -- a source that could have many errors. One of the best places is if the event was ever documented in a newspaper of the times. From Hollywood movie makers, they recently produced the story of "12 Years a Sla...


  • Resolve to Locate Obituaries

    Jan 15

    There may be a project you have put off or never thought to start -- that of finding all available obituaries for your ancestors. One of the main type of documents a family history researcher looks for is the newspaper obituary on an ancestor. It really only became a common practice to place an obituary on a deceased relative in the late 1800s in ...


  • Newspapers of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.

    Jan 1

    Over 26 million newspaper pages, mostly covering the 19th century, that is what is available online -- Free of charge - from Fulton History. Nothing better for information of a specific time period than the local newspapers from hometowns and regions. This Fulton site originally started with just the New York state newspapers, but has added new...


  • Newspapers Researched

    Sep 10

    Newspapers are one of the most valuable resources for family historians. The online site titled; Elephind allows you to search over 50 million items from 1,145 newspaper titles. The researcher can search across many newspaper collections simultaneously rather than having to visit each collection separately. Many of the smaller newspaper collection...


  • Colorado Newspapers 1859-1923

    Jul 20

    The Colorado Historical Newspapers Collection is available online. The search process is made very simple. Place the keyword, surname, topic you wish to see if there were any newspaper articles covering between 1859 and 1923. Keep in mind there can be articles in the numerous Colorado newspapers to select from which are about events and people out...